5 reasons to do an Internship!


1. Complete your Degree

internships in Chinese companiesMany universities and schools require students to do an internship as a part of their degree, often in combination with a final research paper. Many of our partner companies are willing to welcome you to do research on certain aspects of their business.


2. Get your first work experience and improve your CV (resume)

China internship programA lack of work experience is a great problem for many people entering the job market. Doing an internship during or right after your studies can give you this first valuable experience needed on your CV to convince future employers to hire you.


3. Acquire new skills and new knowledge

Through an internship you will undoubtedly acquire new skills and knowledge related to your company’s sector. In addition, you will become more familiar with your company’s culture and habits as well as the “do's and don'ts" of professional life.

4. Get the chance to build up your network for the future

An internship provides you with a chance to get to know people in different companies, different sectors and different spheres of society. The more people you know, the better your chances to get ahead after your internship.

5. Get to know yourself

An internship in China allows you to get to know yourself and get a better idea of the direction of your future career. Doing internships in different countries, companies and sectors is a great way to discover your interests, your strengths and your weaknesses.


Why an Internship in China?


1. Discover the old and new Chinese lifestyle

Intern in Beijing

Both Beijing’s and Shanghai's city center is characterized by two very different lifestyles. On one hand, it is characterized by its traditional neighborhoods, where older people enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, albeit often in poor living conditions. On the other hand however, China is also home to bustling brand new CBDs, impressive skyscrapers and modern living compounds where the new generation of young Chinese live a busy and hectic life. This fascinating contrast gives China an extra dimension which other countries don’t have.


2. Feel the pulse of a new metropolis

In preparation for the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing and the World Expo in 2010 in Shanghai, both cities underwent a rapid transformation into modern metropolises, offering an exciting night life, great food from all over the world, a lively art scene and so much more. After a few days in Beijing or Shanghai, it will be clear that the days of the Cultural Revolution are in the distant past.


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internship in China



About our Internships


What kind of companies does the Hutong School cooperate with?

Hutong School has a very diverse network of companies in Beijing and Shanghai, ranging from Chinese and foreign multinationals to local and international SME’s. We attach great importance to the quality of our internships and select a company and a position that matches your skills.


What kind of sectors are the Hutong School partner companies operating in?

Our partner companies are active in a wide range of sectors such as:

  • Architecture

  • Law

  • Finance and Banking

  • Real Estate

  • Event Management & Promotion

  • Consulting

  • Tourism

  • IT & Telecommunications

  • Translation and technical documentation

  • etc.


intern in China

Company types


Hutong School places interns with the following types of companies:

• Foreign start ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SME's)
• Multinationals
• Chinese companies
• Chambers of commerce and NGOs



Start ups and SME's


Many Foreign start ups and SME's are present on the Chinese market.


The presence of Foreign start ups is becoming more and more apparent in China. This is a very common type of company in China due to the rapid development of the Chinese market. Many people see a niche and try to fill the void with their business ideas. Many SME's (mostly subsidiaries of bigger companies already well-established in foreign countries) are establishing a name in the Chinese market where they can find new opportunities to develop.


Since start ups and SME's are mostly run by company owners or top management, they give interns the chance to learn how a business works top to bottom. Start ups and SME's are also often more open to ideas and creativity. Interns can have a fantastic time if they bring along a positive attitude.


Over the past years, many start ups and SME's have offered our interns permanent positions in China upon completion of their internships. While doing an internship in a start up or SME, keep in mind that you might actually be working for one of tomorrow's greatest companies.



International corporations


International corporations in China are usually quite similar to their counterparts in other countries. They bring with them corporate structures and philosophies that have been developed over decades and define corporations as what they are.


Working for an international corporation means work within highly structured processes and systems. You will be given your own area of responsibility and it is very likely that you will report to a middle manager. There may not be a lot of contact with upper management which does not necessarily mean that you will not get the chance to make your ideas heard. The great plus is that working for an international corporation will give your CV an impressive boost and may also qualify you for future tasks especially within the same framework.



Chinese companies


Chinese companies are the home players in the Chinese market. Compared to the West they have been doing business according to a very different code of conduct, yet the recent economic upswing is to a big extent their accomplishment and therefore a display of their abilities.


Owing to the fact that the concept of internships in the western sense is new to Chinese companies, a placement with them is indeed a great challenge. You have to keep in mind that though things may be handled differently from what you are used to, their methods should not be judged. You will encounter many cross cultural differences during your time at a Chinese company, but this also gives you a great chance to understand them. Our multilingual team of HR experts will always be here to support you in this cultural challenge.

For an internship at a Chinese company, an intermediate level of Chinese is necessary. If you are keen to do such an internship but need to bring your Chinese up to speed, we recommend you to start with an intensive course and take the internship later.



Chambers of Commerce and NGOs


Chambers of Commerce have been operating in China for a while already. Most countries have a business club established in the big Chinese cities to boost presence and international trade. NGOs are a slightly newer phenomenon.

Chambers of Commerce are a brilliant way to build up a great network in China, while working at NGOs can be very rewarding in terms of adding value to your CV.



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