Translation & Editing Internship Offers

Translation & Editing Internship Offers Internship offers in China

Our goal is to find the perfect internship match for you, while providing a network of fellow interns, colleagues and companies to build your own connections and path in China. Internships in Engineering, Interior Design, ConsultingLaw, and much more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries, Apply without pre-selecting an internship and we’ll help you find your ideal placement.

Are you creative with words? Time to put your translation and editing skills into practice with a translation & editing internship in China.

Enjoy the workflow of a magazine, paper or translation/editing company as a translator, editorial assistant or proofreader.

Internship offerBusiness areaDurationCity
Assistant Manager TranslationTranslation2 monthsBeijingMore info
Cross-Culture Project AssistantTranslation1 monthBeijingMore info
English transcription InternTranslation1 monthShanghaiMore info
Junior technical Writer InternTranslation6 monthsBeijingMore info
TranslatorTranslation3 monthsBeijingMore info


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