Learn Chinese in Milan

In Milan, Hutong Schools offers Chinese classes in partnership with the association Going To Asia

With the aim of promoting multiculturalism and a good understanding of foreign cultures, Going To Asia is an association which offers professional training courses, with a particular focus on China.

The school provides Chinese language courses with passionate and professional teachers. Apart from classroom lessons, the association also organizes events, meetings and every sort of activity to learn Chinese in a lively, convenient and easy way.

The school is located in Milano, in a young, lively and attractive area, and offers programs of learning for everyone, from kids to adults.



Email us at [email protected] or call us at +39 02 8088 9445 / +39 393 412 3330

Learn Mandarin Chinese in Milan


Chinese Classes by Going to Asia

Going to Asia offers Chinese classes for all levels as well as tailor-made private classes.



This is a course for absolute beginners and for all of you who are not sure about studying Chinese! So give it a try for free and see if you think you can manage!


Group Classes

  • Beginner 1: With this course you will get a solid basis to learn Chinese. You will be able to read basic texts, fill in questionnaires about personal information and have simple conversations about concrete needs and situations.

  • Beginner 2: This course will give you the ability to talk about yourself, have small interactions and dialogues, describe easy objects and manage daily situations.

  • Intermediate 1: This course is advised for who studied Chinese for at least 1 year, once a week.


Private Classes

Want to study Chinese but don’t have time to join a group class every week? Please contact us and we’ll give you all the information about private classes at the school or wherever it is more convenient for you!







Our partners in Italy










Our representative in Milan: Antonella Faiella


大家好 (Dàjiā hǎo), Hello everybody!

My name is Antonella and I am responsible for Chinese Teaching in Milano. 

I graduated in Chinese Language and Culture and lived several years in China, where I discovered the very best part of this wonderful land and its people, and fell in love with Chinese Language and Culture.

In Milano we work to spread out the Chinese Language and Culture by organizing not only language courses, but also meetings and events!

If you are interested in knowing more about China, please contact us! We will more than happy to meet you and to share with you our great passion!

Tel. no: +39 327 261 7428
Email[email protected]


Antonella helps you set up your Chinese classes and/or internship in China. She furthermore continues to expand Hutong School’s growing network in Italy. Contact her if you are interested in one of our China programs or if you are looking for a partnership.




Telephone:+39 327 261 7428 
Email: [email protected]
Address: Via Calabiana 6 (c/o TAG), Milan‏, Italy