Your customized Gap Year program abroad


Build the perfect Gap Year with Hutong School’s Gap Year Program. Choose between program blocks to customize your experience and have the adventure of a lifetime!


Each block covers a 3-months program in a city of your choice and you can choose between 2 to 4 blocks.  


Example of a Gap Year

This is an example of how you can structure your Gap Year to maximize your time in China with several locations and experiences:


Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
gap year in shanghai gap year beijing China gap year Gap year Chengdu
Kickstart your Gap Year in China with a 3 month internship in Shanghai. Experience modern China and meet people from all over the world, whilst getting a feel for the Chinese business environment. From Shanghai, move on to study an Intensive Chinese Program in the country’s vibrant cultural and political heart; Beijing. Experience the old and new China and get to grips with the basics of the Chinese language. Next, head to beautiful Hangzhou for another 3 months of intensive Chinese classes. By now you will be able to hold a good conversation in Chinese and might even be able to pass the HSK 4 exam. Lastly, put your Chinese to the test with an internship in Chengdu, home of the panda. You are now able to use Chinese at work and will have established an impressive network across the country.

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Why take a Gap Year?


Taking a Gap Year abroad can benefit you in more ways than we can count, but most importantly you'll:

  • Gain practical experience and expand your network, which will lay down the groundwork for your future career
  • Get away from your daily life long enough to gain a new perspective and make it easier for you to make important decisions (such as career path or study program) when you get back
  • Learn how to live independently and make things happen for yourself
  • Embark on an amazing adventure and push yourself to new limits


Want some help?

Check out our 10 step guide to the perfect gap year abroad


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Your Gap Year in China

Want to go abroad?

Want to spend your time on something useful?

Want to challenge yourself and learn new skills?

Then a Gap Year in China is your perfect opportunity!


See the program blocks below, build your Gap Year and let us take care of all the practical stuff.


Learn Chinese in Beijinglearn Chinese in Shanghai







Internship in Hangzhouinternship in Chengdu







internship in Shanghaiinternship in beijing






volunteer in Beijingvolunteer in shanghai










To get started with your own Gap Year, send us an application today and let us know how you want your Gap Year in China to look.


Need some inspiration? Read more about our locations and programs before you make your decision. You are also always welcome to contact us with your questions.


Our recommendation? Begin your Gap Year with an internship in one of China's larger cities; Beijing or Shanghai. This way you can rapidly build a network and ease yourself into Chinese society with other young foreigners around you. Starting with an internship can also help you figure out the type of vocabulary you will need to learn in your Chinese classes, and you will be able to see how the course materials can help you in daily life. 

However, this is your Gap Year! Plan it the way you want. If, for example, you prefer having a longer internship to begin with, we will tailor the program to fit your wishes.



What do others say about their Hutong School program?


"Undoubtedly this is an experience I will never forget.
There is so much to gain from this program especially for young professionals beginning their career.
Not only it boosts your CV and differentiates you from this competitive world, but you will also make friends from all over the world. 
For avid travellers like me, there is so much to see and experience in China."

- Malvina, Internship Program


"China is wonderful and Hutong School is super organized.
Classes, trips, activities, welcome parties, everything in the right place!"

- Patrizio, Chinese Program


"My classes and especially my internship were great and to be honest, even better than I expected. 
This is certainly an experience that I won't forget."

- Tania, Internship Program


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