Find an intern through the Hutong SchoolYou are looking for qualified interns to help run your business in Beijing or Shanghai but don't know how to find them? Look no further! We receive over 100 applications every month and select the best ones for you. Best of all, it's free of charge! For more information on the Internship Placement process, please see below.


If you have already found your dream intern and need help getting him/her settled down in China, we can assist you, too. From airport pick-up, to accommodation in the city center, to registering at the local police, Chinese classes and cultural activities, as well as 24/7 practical assistance, we do it all!


what are the Benefits of hiring interns through Hutong School?

- We save you time by screening, selecting and pre-interviewing the applicants to present you with highly qualified talents.

- Your company will decide on the length of the internship; we will then work to find a candidate that can fill the position at your company for that specific amount of time.

- We offer you a stress-free cooperation and take care of your intern by providing him/her with accommodation, Chinese classes, cultural activities, airport pick-up and 24/7 practical assistance to save you time and energy.


How much does all of this cost?

Hutong School’s service to companies is free of charge. We encourage companies to offer a monthly allowance to the interns based on their qualifications and the companies’ standards.


What kind of candidates does Hutong School provide?

- Our international team will professionally select and introduce you to students, graduates and young professionals coming from around the world and specializing in various areas (IT, architecture, tourism, finance, law, international relations, PR, sales, marketing, graphic/web design, journalism, etc).

- If your requirements are not met there is no obligation to accept the candidate.


How does the Hutong School hiring process work?

Step 1: We set up a meeting in your office to assess your needs and together we prepare an internship description

Step 2: With your approval, we post your internship offer on our website and on our partners’ websites. An Internship Consultant specialized in your company’s sector will screen and select the best candidates

Step 3: If your company is interested in a profile, we help set up a telephone or Skype interview

Step 4: After both parties agree to the internship, we prepare for your future intern’s arrival taking care of all practical aspects (visa advice, accommodation, insurance…)

Step 5: We escort the intern to your company on his/her 1st day of work. You can focus on the internship; we will take care of the rest!


Some of our key partners

LenovoRotary ClubRoots & shootsIQAirAsia BriefingChina Sourcing


(More than 150 companies...!)



For more information, please get in touch with:
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