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Who better than our own students to tell you all about their experiences in China learning Mandarin Chinese and/or doing an internship. Read their stories below. Are you next?

Alberto Garcia

I didn’t have any idea what to do after I graduated. So I focus myself in my business in México when I decided to start a new experience in China. That’s when I came across Hutong School while browsing on the net. I wanted to learn Chinese but not only focus on intensive courses, Hutong offered me a big portfolio of quality internships where I’ve founded a place on a nice company where I learn a lot about business in China while learning Chinese with Hutong excellent quality lessons. Totally recommended!

Alberto Garcia Mexico
Email : alberto.garcia92@outlook.com

Christian Lutz

I’ve joined the Hutong School in Beijing and Shanghai two times already – and every time it was a great and wonderful experience. The accommodation is quite okay. The people at the Hutong School are very nice and helpful in every way. The teachers are very motivated and well prepared. And the School offers a lot of fun free-time activities. The “Hutong-School-weeks” were one of my best in my live – and I can recommend it in every way. You not only learn a lot – you also meet a lot of new friends.

Christian Lutz Austrian
Email : Chris_China@gmx.at

Luca Marinelli

I really enjoyed my experience with Hutong School in Shanghai. More than a simple Chinese course, here you can experiment the language with the help of very professional tutors, participate in many activities and meet many nice people from all around the world!

Luca Marinelli Italy
Email : mawinelli@gmail.com

Paz Neira

I first went to Shanghai as a Hutong School student, nothing speaks more about the experience than the fact that I went back for an internship (within their offices!) a year later. Studying and working in China were the differentiating factors on my resume that lead me to the amazing job I have now, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Hutong School´s awesome staff guiding me through my Chinese adventures.

Paz Neira Argentina
Email : pachuneira@hotmail.com

Christiaan van der Blij

I decided to quit my job and take a 3 months crash course. A decision I do not regret. Hutong School is honestly always there to support you with daily things and to help you out...Learning Chinese is a whole different experience, since you have to cross a cultural border to understand the language and its structure.

Christiaan van der Blij Netherlands
Email : cjvdblij@yahoo.com

Theresa Van Den Eeden

Hutong School gave me the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world and help adapt to Chinese culture. The events are always fun and a great way to meet other students, as well as seeing different parts of the city. Hutong School is really flexible with the class schedules, so you never miss out on fun activities!

Theresa Van Den Eeden USA
Email : tvandeneeden@yahoo.com

best language schools in China

I spent my vacations in Hutong School and that was the best decision I have ever made! I had been studying Chinese for the past year and I realized that taking classes in Hutong is definitely a different quality. The best teachers, methods and cultural activities anyone can find. I was able to skip one level when I went back to my country and I am looking forward to visiting Hutong School’s other locations!

Léonardo Serante Brazil
Email : leoserante@gmail.com

Chinese language schools in China reviews

I completed a 3-month intensive language course, which greatly improved my Chinese language capability. I appreciate the opportunity to have experienced the Chinese culture first-hand, as well as, the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with my classmates, teachers and the staff.  Hutong School provided me with a safe and comfortable residence in which to stay.  The staff was always willing and happy to help me with anything that I needed.

Michael Danahy USA
Email : michael.danahy6@gmail.com

hutong school reviews

I really enjoyed my experience with Hutong School in Shanghai. More than a simple Chinese course, here you can experiment the language with the help of very professional tutors, participate in many activities and meet many nice people from all around the world!

Melanie Daniels Netherlands
Email : melanie.daniels@hotmail.com

Louis Bohner

I have never been to China before I decided to do an internship with Hutong School. The support I got from the staff was exceptional, and they made sure I never felt lost or alone in Shanghai. I have met a lot of people from all over the world thanks to the school, and some of them are my friends to this day.

Louis Bohner Germany
Email : mail@louis-bohner.de

student reviews of hutong school

My stay at the Hutong School was amazing because I had super good professors and I have met a lot of different students from all around the world during my 6 months' stay. More you stay, better it is to improve faster your Chinese level and share incredible moments with locals. Moreover, there is a bunch of activities proposed by the school, so you can discover the city, etc.

Clémence Bouchat Belgium
Email : clemence8495@hotmail.com

the best Chinese language school in china

Located in the heart of the beautiful French Concession, Hutong School offered me the experience of a lifetime. The teachers, staff and students were absolutely amazing and I still keep in contact with many of them. I participated in the Intensive Chinese Program and because of my wonderful teacher I went from absolute beginner to intermediate level Chinese in just 5 months!

Susanne Bardelmeijer Netherlands
Email : suzanne-bardelmeijer@live.nl

Laura Lee Moreau

I ended up doing an internship in Beijing totally randomly. I didn't know a thing about China, or the working conditions there, or even how to say Hi in Chinese. Well, Hutong School destroyed all my fears, crashed the doubts you can have when moving in another country, and welcomed me as part of a big family.

Laura Lee Moreau Canadá
Email : laura.lee.moreau@gmail.com

Milou Pol

Creating a comfort zone out of your comfort zone, that's what the Hutong School is all about! If you are brave enough to take the step of going to China, the Hutong School will be like your bubbly bath on a Sunday night. Besides taking care of practicalities, the Hutong School makes sure you can be the best version of you in China together with other like-minded young professionals. Go experience cultural to do's, to-sees and must-go's in an interactive environment!

Milou Pol Netherlands
Email : mgpol91@gmail.com

Kim Nguyen

There is a level of comfort and amiable atmosphere at Hutong School that is very contagious. Only four months in Shanghai and I have made incredible friends, learned more about myself as a person than I ever could in my own country, and I never thought I would enjoy studying Chinese Mandarin this much. Hutong School definitely helped me to find comfort out of my comfort zone!

Kim Nguyen Netherlands
Email : nguyen.knm@gmail.com

Tommy Fris Munk Jensen

A great organization that takes good care of you. From day one I was met with open arms by the Hutong School staff, which made the transition easy. They provided an important social structure and offered plenty of social events throughout my stay. Whether you’re an experienced traveller, or spending your first time abroad, Hutong School provides the much needed comfort, and administrative support, that helps you to solely focus on your stay abroad. My stay in Shanghai left me as a more experienced employee, and most importantly a happier person.

Tommy Fris Munk Jensen Danish
Email : frismunkjensen@gmail.com

Mark Zuckerberg Mandarin Chinese

Just kidding! His Chinese is already really impressive. But Mark, you're always welcome if you want to practice those tones ;) 


Mark American


Starting from my initial email contact, the customer service was exceptional. I received excellent information and support before, during and after my classes. The instructors are skillfull and experienced both at teaching Chinese and adjusting to student and class needs. I was amazed at my progress after only one month!

Enrico Monteleone USA
Email : enricom@sunsetmoon.ne


They provided me with an outstanding placement, tailored language classes and critical welcome assistance. I must have asked the staff a thousand times to change my program, two thousand times to sign up for activities and three thousand times I changed my mind, but I’ve always been assisted with a smile. Priceless experience, priceless staff!

Alessio Perone Italy
Email : alessioperrone@hotmail.com

reviews of hutong school

Excellent reception with 24h service for any issue or language problem that could arise. My Chinese teacher was very dedicated and skilled. I learned more in my five weeks in Shanghai than I had learnt two years studying at home.


Anastasia Kristoffers Sweden



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