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Who better than our own students to tell you all about their experiences in China learning Mandarin Chinese and/or doing an internship. Read their stories below. Are you next?

Mark Zuckerberg Mandarin Chinese



Time stayed in China: - Months

Just kidding! His Chinese is already really impressive. But Mark, you're always welcome if you want to practice those tones ;) 


Luca Marinelli


Time stayed in China: 1 Month

I really enjoyed my experience with Hutong School in Shanghai. More than a simple Chinese course, here you can experiment the language with the help of very professional tutors, participate in many activities and meet many nice people from all around the world!



Theresa Van Den Eeden


Time stayed in China: 3 Months

Hutong School gave me the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world and help adapt to Chinese culture. The events are always fun and a great way to meet other students, as well as seeing different parts of the city. Hutong School is really flexible with the class schedules, so you never miss out on fun activities!



Enrico Monteleone


Time stayed in China: 1 Month

Starting from my initial email contact, the customer service was exceptional. I received excellent information and support before, during and after my classes. The instructors are skillfull and experienced both at teaching Chinese and adjusting to student and class needs. I was amazed at my progress after only one month!



Christiaan van der Blij


Time stayed in China: 1 Month

I decided to quit my job and take a 3 months crash course. A decision I do not regret. Hutong School is honestly always there to support you with daily things and to help you out...Learning Chinese is a whole different experience, since you have to cross a cultural border to understand the language and its structure.


Laura lee

Laura Lee Moreau


Time stayed in China: 3 Months

I ended up doing an internship in Beijing totally randomly. I didn't know a thing about China, or the working conditions there, or even how to say Hi in Chinese. Well, Hutong School destroyed all my fears, crashed the doubts you can have when moving in another country, and welcomed me as part of a big family.


Alessio Perone


Time stayed in China: 2 Months

They provided me with an outstanding placement, tailored language classes and critical welcome assistance. I must have asked the staff a thousand times to change my program, two thousand times to sign up for activities and three thousand times I changed my mind, but I’ve always been assisted with a smile. Priceless experience, priceless staff!



Anastasia Kristoffers


Time stayed in China: 1 Month

Excellent reception with 24h service for any issue or language problem that could arise. My Chinese teacher was very dedicated and skilled. I learned more in my five weeks in Shanghai than I had learnt two years studying at home.



Niels Naeser


Time stayed in China: 3 Months

I had studied Chinese on my own for about a year before I went to Hutong School. Having class for 4h/day made my Chinese level improve right away while still leaving me time for hanging out with the other students and exploring Beijing. I went back the year after so I guess that gives a pretty good impression of how satisfied I have been with the Intensive Chinese Program!





Time stayed in China: 2 Months

Hutong School offered me a home away from home. I had great coworkers, a comfortable apartment with an excellent location and made friends quickly. My Mandarin teacher was very skilled and I made progress fast.




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