Learn Chinese in Amsterdam

Join us in Amsterdam, where we offer a wide range of Chinese group and private language classes focusing on oral Chinese and day-to-day interaction. All of our teachers are Chinese native speakers or sinologists with a wealth of China experience. Besides Mandarin, each of them is fluent in English and Dutch and has several years of experience teaching Chinese in the Netherlands.


Our teachers tailor the content of private classes to your personal level and needs and align it with your learning goals. Students who learn Chinese in Amsterdam with Hutong School can expect to follow the same curriculum as used in our schools in China.


Chinese Courses in Amsterdam


Our Chinese courses have been specially designed to suit different levels, ages and aims. Classes can be adapted to focus on daily conversational practice, exam preparation or vocabulary and grammar to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. Whether you want to learn at our school, your home or your office, we can help. 


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Group Classes

Learn alongside others at your level according to a weekly schedule. Join a beginner or elementary group and quickly improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with our experienced teachers. 


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Private Classes

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule with our private courses. Specially designed to suit your needs, these 1-on-1 sessions enable you to learn Chinese the way you want. 


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HSK Preparation

Gain an official certification of your Chinese level with our HSK Preparation Courses. Following the highly recommended HSK textbook syllabus, you’ll quickly gain the skills needed to confidently pass HSK levels 1 to 6.


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Corporate Chinese

Specially designed according to your company's needs, our corporate Chinese courses are ideal for anyone looking to break the Chinese market or learn sector specific vocabulary and grammar. 


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Looking for something else? Let us know, and we will design a specialized course according to your requirements.


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Additional Services

In addition to Chinese language courses, Hutong School Amsterdam offers the following:


Chinese Culture Courses

Whether you need to learn about Chinese culture for business, or you're simply curious, we can help. Our team of China experts can organize a course to suit your needs.


Translation & Interpretation Services

We provide quality translation and interpretation services for business and personal use. Please contact us for more information. 


Think Ahead. Learn Mandarin.

Our Teachers

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All of our teachers in Amsterdam are native or fluent Mandarin speakers with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience. They’ve all successfully passed an intensive training period and hold a university degree. All of our teachers have taught Chinese in Europe for several years, and they share a passion for Chinese culture and language. They enjoy helping others discover China and improving their language skills without leaving Amsterdam.



Our Methodology

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Hutong School Amsterdam employs the same teaching methodology as our schools in China and around the world. Based on 12+ years’ experience teaching Mandarin, our unique teaching methodology has been proven to speed up the language learning process. By separating spoken Chinese from character recognition and promoting total immersion, we encourage students to start speaking from the very beginning. As you progress in spoken Chinese, you'll develop an understanding of the logic underpinning Chinese character construction and begin laying a solid foundation for character memorisation. 


We pride ourselves on our teaching quality, for which we’ve been awarded the iStudy Guide award for Educational Excellence. Students at Hutong School Amsterdam can learn using our 3-part textbook series or choose from a range of other quality learning materials. Outside of class, you can consolidate your learning with our interactive mobile app.


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