Legal Internship Offers

Legal Internship Offers Internship offers in China

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Our goal is to find you the internship which suits you best. At the same time, we offer you access to our network of interns and colleagues, as well as enabling you to build your own connections. We offer internships in sectors like Engineering, Interior Design, ConsultingLaw, and much more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries, Apply without pre-selecting an internship and we’ll help you find  your ideal placement. 

INA offers legal internships at some of the top Chinese firms in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as multinational corporate law firms. For the last decades, China’s economic landscape has undergone a lot of progress and change.

Therefore a great need for foreign lawyers and law experts to aid in international transactions is prevalent in today's China. A great opportunity for your legal career.

Internship offerBusiness areaDurationCity
Business Manager AssistantLegal3 monthsBeijingMore info
Communication Intern for Chinese Law firmLegal2 weeksBeijingMore info
French law internLegal6 monthsShanghaiMore info
Law InternLegal2 monthsBeijingMore info
Law internLegal3 monthsShanghaiMore info
Law InternLegal2 monthsShanghaiMore info
Law InternLegal1 monthBeijingMore info
Law InternLegal6 monthsBeijingMore info
Law InternLegal6 monthsBeijingMore info
Law InternLegal3 monthsShanghaiMore info
Legal AssistantLegal3 monthsShanghaiMore info
Legal internLegal2 monthsBeijingMore info
Legal InternLegal3 monthsBeijingMore info
ParalegalLegal3 monthsShanghaiMore info
StarkeLegal3 monthsBeijingMore info


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