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Have you always wanted to improve your Chinese but never found the time? Look no further!


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Whether you are a total beginner and looking to achieve a level that allows you to easily get by in Hangzhou (such as ordering food, taking a taxi, talking to your neighbours, etc.) or you want to perfect your Chinese language skills and even aim to pass the HSK 6 test, we got you covered!


Studying Chinese should not only cover the learning of vocabulary and grammar but also offer you cultural insight and a profound understanding of the people and customs of China.

At Hutong School we offer our students an experience that truly offers "more than learning Chinese".


Take Chinese classes:

Whenever you want: during the week, weekends, evenings and at lunchtime

Wherever you want: at our school (or Beijing or Shanghai); or at your home/office

No matter what your level is

Both private lessons and group classes are available

And take part in many of our free cultural activities!


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"Great school for all levels of Chinese. Excellent environment, well-trained teachers and very helpful staff.
Look no further.” Andrew F.



Why Choose Us?

Wide Range Of Chinese Courses

Group Classes

At Hutong School, all our group classes are small with an average of 4 to 5 students per class, enabling our teachers to give much attention to each student individually. This personalized teaching approach is the key to fast and effective results.

Standard classes

Morning classes

Lunch classes

Evening classes

Weekend classes

HSK preparation

Private classes

If you want to study at your own pace, then private classes are the answer for you. Take advantage of our 1-on-1 sessions and learn Chinese the way you want. 

Specialized classes

Working in a specific business sector and looking to brush up your Chinese?  Contact us to design a special training course for you.


Highly Qualified Teachers

All our teachers are distinguished by their:

Passion for sharing knowledge about the Chinese language & culture

Interpersonal skills

Academic achievements: degree in TCSL-degree

To ensure and protect the high standards of our teaching quality, Hutong School teachers

Have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience

Receive intensive training

Are evaluated on a monthly basis


I took classes at Hutong School as part of a small group. Our teacher was fantastic. My general impression was that Hutong School is serious about providing top-notch education and generating some really satisfied customers.”  Frederik G.


Educational Excellence


Chinese class Hangzhou

With our result-proven teaching method – that separates spoken Chinese from character recognition, you will be amazed of the fast progress you will make in learning Chinese. As every student has different motivation to study Chinese, we first and foremost assess your learning goals in order to construct the right teaching plan for you. Your goals are our goals. 



Tutorial Sessions

You can furthermore take advantage of the weekly free tutorial sessions we're organising to give each one of our students personalised feedback on their learning progress and provide them with learning tips. 


Cultural Activities

Get insights into various aspects of the Chinese history and culture by partaking in our weekly cultural activities.

We organize calligraphy classes and cooking activities, arts & crafts workshops, daytrips in & around the city, taichi lessons and much more. These weekly organized cultural activities provide you with the perfect opportunity to already practice your newly acquired Chinese language skills.



Prime Location

learn Chinese Hangzhou



If you are interested in booking your Chinese courses with Hutong School Hangzhou or if you have any further questions, please contact us 
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Hutong School At A Glance:

Founded in March 2005 in Beijing, since then, we have welcomed over 3000 students 

The only fully  licensed  Chinese school under European management

Innovative pedagogic approach and high quality teaching method

Multilingual international staff

The school of choice of many renowned foreign universities and various Embassies and Chambers in China

Schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Brussels, London and Milan


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