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Located in southwest China, Chongqing is the region’s largest municipality and one of its fastest developing. Rapid economic growth has given rise to a thriving business district, populated with a multitude of exciting companies, not only drawing an ever-increasing number of career-minded young Chinese, but also those from abroad.


But skyscrapers and hustle and bustle are far from all Chongqing has to offer; known in the Middle Kingdom as ‘Mountain City’, it is balanced on extremely hilly land and boasts a wealth of natural resources and wildlife. Such an impressive preservation of nature within one of China’s largest cities has not only made Chongqing a popular tourist destination, but also the ideal place for adventure-seeking young professionals to gain professional experience.


Hutong School Internships in Chongqing

We work with a wide network of companies in Chongqing, covering over 20 different sectors. These range from local businesses and international corporations to SMEs and governmental institutions, who are seeking passionate interns to join them for 1-6 months. Whether you're looking to work in international business, import/export, architecture, law, finance, real estate, event management, tourism or IT, we can help. Simply submit your application, and we will match you with several internship positions based on your preferences from which you can choose.


In addition to your internship placement, we provide various other services to help enrich your experience in Chongqing:


internship and chinese program in china

  • Chinese classes

Our Internship Program includes 4 hours of Chinese classes per week. Learning in small groups alongside other students at your level, you will learn useful language to help enrich the quality of your internship in Chongqing and improve your understanding of Chinese culture.


To help you learn as much Chinese as possible during your time in Chongqing, we offer all Hutong School students access to an unlimited library of videos and speaking, grammar and vocabulary exercises on our mobile app. Recorded by our in-house teachers according to our teaching methodology, these are the ideal way to continue learning wherever, whenever.


  • Accommodation

internship programs with accommodation in chongqing

All students on our Internship Program have the option to stay in a shared Hutong School apartment with other students. Our apartments are conveniently located close to the school, as well as many great spots in the city. If sharing isn't for you, we also offer various other accommodation types that are subject to additional fees.


  • Cultural activities

When you aren't busy at your internship, you will have the opportunity to a join range of cultural activities with our staff and students. Arranged weekly, these activities offer the perfect chance to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture whilst meeting new people and discovering the best that Chongqing has to offer.


  • Professional Network Support

networking activities in chongqing

We provide dedicated networking support to help you quickly and effectively build professional relationships during your internship in Chongqing. Through organizing regular lectures and events held by China experts from various sectors (business men and women, journalists, researchers...), we help you take the first steps to building a network that will be useful both during and after your internship.


  • Practical assistance

We are here to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable and valuable experience interning in Chongqing. We take care of all the practicalities, so that you can focus on what's important: learning, exploring China, developing your skillset and having a great time!


We'll help you register your arrival in China, settle in to life in Chongqing and provide 24/7 emergency support.



Professional internship matching process

Our internship matching process aims at finding you the right position within the right company for your internship in Chongqing. We work closely alongside our partner organizations to ensure they offer a clear internship position and the chance for you to learn. You will confirm your internship placement before you arrive in China.



  • Following your application submission, we screen your resume/CV to confirm your pre-admission.

  • Your application will then be transferred to an account manager who specializes in your chosen sector.



internship programs in Chongqing

  • Your account manager will select suitable internship positions in Chongqing before arranging a telephone or Skype interview with you.

  • During the call, they will assess your motivation and gain a good understanding of your professional and personal goals.



  • Based on what you discuss during the interview, your account manager will submit your resume/CV to companies and negotiate internship conditions.

  • They will then organize a telephone or Skype interview with potential future employers.



  • After approval by both parties your internship position will be confirmed, and our Admissions team will help you prepare for your arrival in China.



Once you have arrived in Chongqing, we will escort you to your company and introduce you to your new employer.


An Account Manager will be available during your entire stay, offering internship support and ensuring you enjoy your experience. Our team will also provide practical support for your accommodation and day-to-day life in China.