You will live in shared apartments located a short subway ride away from the School.

Location of Apartments in Beijing & Shanghai


Living in China - Hutong School Apartments


Our apartments place you within characteristic Chinese communities that blend the traditional and modern elements of today’s China. On one side of the street you might have an ancient Confucian temple; on the other side you will be faced by China’s future, a multistory shopping centre or high rise international hotel. The land of contrasts supplies you with an ever-changing city.



No matter where you are in China there are always many restaurants to taste the diversity of China’s cuisine. Next to learning Chinese at school the communities you will soon join place you in the perfect environment to practice what you learn in your classes.


Our apartments in Beijing and Shanghai are located in the following areas:


Beijing: Chaoyang district (Shilipu), Donghzimen, Tuanjiehu
Shanghai: Zhenping Lu and Changshou Lu area, a few minutes from Jing'An temple by metro


Furniture & Amenities

We equip our apartments in Beijing and Shanghai with modern amenities to make sure your life in China is as comfortable as home. Although apartments in China are different from those in Europe or America, we provide the same furniture and equipment. The apartments we provide are modern, clean and very comfortable.


Below please find a list of standard furniture and equipment included in each apartment:


Living rooms:

  • Sofa and other seating

  • TV

  • DVD player

  • Coffee table

  • Wireless internet

  • Air conditioning

apartments in beijing



  • Bed (with bedding)

  • Desk

  • Wardrobe

  • Bedside table

  • Chair

  • Air-conditioning

accommodation in shanghai



















  • Washing Machine

  • Microwave

  • Fridge










  • Shower

  • Wash basin

  • Toilet



Our accommodation service in Beijing and Shanghai not only offers you a roof over your head but also many other important aspects to enhance your stay with us. Staff provide weekly cleaning duties in every apartment. If you have any problems with your apartment or utilities we have 24 hour support to solve any issues. We offer the accommodation service with bills paid so you do not have to worry about this. Our dedicated staff will look after you.


In every apartment we house 3 to 4 students. Every student has a single room to themselves. All the flat-mates will share common areas like bathrooms, the kitchen, living and dining areas. Having flat-mates will allow you to settle in quicker and provides you with friends already in China to show you around.



Take a look at your future apartment.

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Apartments in Shanghai