10 Free Resources to Help You Get Your Head Around Chinese Grammar

Chinese grammar is actually one of the easiest aspects of the language. There are no articles, nouns have no gender, every verb has just one form, and you don’t really have to worry much about tense and plurals either. Compared to most European languages it’s a walk in the park. Still, even though Chinese grammar is easy, learning the grammar of any new language is a challenge, so we’ve put together this list of 10 free resources to help make the learning curve as gentle as possible. Here’s the full list:

Top 10 Free Chinese Grammar Resources

1. Chinese Boost Grammar Articles 


Helpful descriptions of various characters and grammatical functions – handy if you need a refresher or are confused about a specific grammar point.


2. FluentU: 13 Mandarin Chinese Grammar Patterns and Structures We Love to Hate 

Ok, so Chinese grammar may be easier than English or French grammar… but that doesn’t mean that it won’t drive you crazy sometimes too! This post by FluntU will help you understand and figure out some of the more perplexing aspects of sentence structure and grammar.


3. YoYo Chinese: Grammar Video Lessons

Useful (and free) videos on Chinese grammar for beginner and intermediate level. If the textbooks are making your eyes hurt grab a mug of 茶 and watch a few of the short, informative episodes.


4. Chinese Grammar Wiki

A gem of a resource with comprehensive, well explained articles grouped by level covering a wide range of words and sentence structures. The clear explanations and example sentences make this resource an essential bookmark for all Mandarin learners.


5. Hacking Chinese: Asking the Experts How to Learn Chinese Grammar 


Olle Linge’s Hacking Chinese asks a wide range of experts, including Hutong School’s star teacher Ding Yi, for their tips on how to learn Chinese grammar right. Great insights and advice from both foreigners and native Mandarin speakers.



6. Sensible Chinese: Pattern Based Grammar

Mastering grammar is about understanding the patterns of how to use a language correctly. This post will help you understand and remember the essential patterns of Chinese grammar so you can form meaningful sentences.


7. Rutgers

slide show review using charts, tables and diagrams by Richard  VanNess Simmons. A great refresher if you already know the basics and just need something to jog your memory.   





8. Just Learn Chinese

More grammar lessons than you can shake a stick at with a wealth of examples on many grammar related topics.


9. Chinese Grammar for Beginners 

On this iChineseLearning page, you’ll find text and audio lessons covering verbs, objects, expressions and other aspects of Chinese grammar. A ton of lessons on this site so well worth the time to explore.


10. Hutong School – Chinese is Easier Than You Think

Chinese Grammar is easy

Quick video from our YouTube channel on why Chinese grammar is actually easier than most people think. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the amazing resources above, this will help you keep everything in perspective. So here you have an avalanche of resources to help you get your head around Chinese language. Of course the best way to make sure these the patterns stick is to actually begin speaking the language and practicing in real life situations. If you’re in China, too easy! If not, look up local language practice groups in your area, and consider making the trip and joining us for an intensive Chinese course!

Need more free resources? Try out these 5 free tools to learn Chinese or 10 Free Apps That Expats in China Can’t Live Without.

By Nathan Thomas – marketing coordinator at Hutong School, frequently lost New Zealander in Shanghai and author of Intrepid Times travel blog. 

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