On March 14th, 8pm GMT-5 (USA East Coast), Hutong School in corporation with Chinaseite will organize an online seminar titled “Chinese for Dummies”.

"Always been intrigued by the Chinese language whenever you bump into Chinese characters? We most certainly are!
It’s a fact, China, and together with it the Chinese language, is gaining more and more importance in our present-day world.
During this webinar, Jan Wostyn, Director International Relations of Hutong School, will give you a bird's eye view of the fascinating Chinese language, zooming in on different aspects of a language which many Westerners believe to be the hardest language in the world, until they actually get started, and discover the surprisingly simplicity of Chinese compared to most European languages.


  • Facts and figures about the Chinese language
  • The wonder of the Chinese script
  • The logic behind Chinese characters
  • Main characteristics of the spoken language
  • Creative with Chinese vocabulary
  • Tips for learning Chinese

When: (Please pay attention to time zones!)

  • Thursday March 14th, 9pm EDT (USA East Coast)
  • Friday March 15th, 2am GMT+1 (Central Europea)
  • Friday March 15th, 9am GMT+8 (China)

Duration: 1 hour: online presentation + Q&A
Software: There is no special software required for the webinar, only a web browser and headset. However, webinar 
Registration: Please register before March 13th. Reserve your spot quickly – Limited to 100 participants. Participation in this webinar is free.


Registration has been closed.



About the organizing entities:
Hutong School was founded in 2005 in order to provide Western students, graduates and young professionals internships and Chinese language courses in China. It is the only fully licensed Chinese language school under European management and is the school of choice for anyone who wants to study Chinese or find an internship in China.
For more information visit: http://www.hutong-school.com

Chinaseite is the biggest German China web portal. It covers all categories concerning China, Chinese culture, traveling, history, politics and economy.
For more information visit: http://www.chinaseite.de


About the lecturer: Mr. Jan Wostyn
Mr. Jan Wostyn, Sinologist and Economist, Vlerick MBA Alumni, co-founder and Director of International Relations of Hutong School, has over 10 years of China experience, studying and working in Wuhan, Xiamen, Beijing and Shanghai, where he won the first prize in the Shanghai City Chinese speech contest for foreigners in 2005.