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Who better than our own students to tell you all about their experiences in China learning Mandarin Chinese and/or doing an internship. Read their stories below. Are you next?

Hutong School Reviews

Hutong School offered me a home away from home. I had great coworkers, a comfortable apartment with an excellent location and made friends quickly. My Mandarin teacher was very skilled and I made progress fast.


Thomas Belgium

Hutong School Reviews

I couldn't expect to have such a great and profitable experience. My job training was very helpful to accumulate new skills and to have a real viewpoint of a future occupation.


Maria Luisa Italy

Hutong School Reviews

My time in Beijing with Hutong School was incredible! The staff are extremly helpful and friendly! The whole team made my stay very easy - starting from airport pick-up, accommodation, registration and public transport card. The teaching hours were flexible and matched perfectly my working hours.To sum it up: a great experience!


Matthias Germany

Hutong School Reviews

China is a fascinating country, it is full of opportunities and Hutong School helped me to explore them. The Chinese lessons in the morning, right before my internship, were a great help because I felt more confident when I had to talk to people. Hutong School is always there when you need them!


Bob Belgium

Hutong School Reviews

From arriving in Shanghai with no real clue what to expect, I left with a much broader sense of how Chinese culture and business operates in the modern world. I'm especially thankful to all those I worked alongside for contributing to my enrichment as well as the teaching staff who offered a fun, lively and interactive learning environment!


James UK

Hutong School Reviews

Hutong School gave me the opportunity to combine my internship in Shanghai together with studying Mandarin in the evenings. Classes are small (4 people), which means the teacher has the ability to give special attention to each individual and you practice a lot. Plus, cultural activities and trips gave me the chance to travel!


Shanice Netherlands

Hutong School Reviews

Coming from the USA, I was extremely scared and cautious when looking into internships in China. Finding Hutong School was truly a blessing. Not only did they care for my every need, but they opened my eyes to a new world while still allowing me to feel safe and comfortable. There is no possible way I could have done it without them!


Jordan USA

Hutong School Reviews

Hutong School is the backbone that makes your experience just that bit easier. The quality of the Chinese classes is good, the cultural activities are interesting and good for binding with new people. What makes Hutong School so great is probably the staff. Every staff member is a capable, friendly, happy person that you can bother about everything!


Sander Belgium

Hutong School Reviews

The internship program gave me confidence that I'm ready to face professional challenges in my own country. What truly makes this school different is passionate staff. Everyone was trying to make my stay in China an unforgettable experience. My teacher, who I can call my friend now, was always motivating me to study hard while enjoying the process of learning.


Dominika Poland


I decided to study at Hutong School because of their great educational expertise and internship program. Hutong School staff are qualified, efficient and friendly. The teachers always encourage and prepare you for your HSK exam. Having international work experience is an invaluable addition to my CV!


Marco Chile


My internship with Hutong School taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and it gave me a good introduction to starting a career in China. I have accumulated sufficient quality work experience to pursue an MBA education at a top 5 US business school. I believe Hutong School played an important role in kick-starting my exciting China career.


Lawrence Singapore


My time in Shanghai as part of Hutong School was one of the best decisions I made. It was the best internship I've ever had, with a really good internship mentor, I got a lot of new knowledge and experience. Hutong School not only gave me a professional experience, but it also gave me good cultural understanding.


Cecilie Denmark


I was very pleased with the personal method they used for finding a suitable company for my internship. First, I had a short Skype interview with the Program Manager, the day after I already had a few proposals from companies that had vacancies. The next interview was with the company I chose and one week later my internship was confirmed!


Tom Belgium


Hutong school really creates an environment where you can thrive as a student or traveller. I really loved my full time Chinese practice. Very energetic and entertaining teaching! I like to live dynamically and Hutong School perfectly suits that lifestyle. The staff helped me out greatly when I needed to move places and companies.


Kees Netherlands


Because of Hutong School, I went from being in a foreign place all alone...to being in Shanghai with a job in the Former French Concession, Chinese classes, a beautiful apartment with amazing roommates, and a close knit group of 40-50 students who instantly became my friends. It wasn't just a school for me, it was my life line.


Jonathan USA


Hutong School in Shanghai is well situated in the Former French Concession and I didn't expect the building to be so charming and welcoming. Since I only wanted to learn business vocabulary, the teacher was flexible and adapted to my level really well. Staff are really friendly and helpful, they made my stay in Shanghai even more enjoyable.


Diana France


When I decided to do my 3-month internship in Beijing, I was quite scared, but the staff helped me months before my arrival, taking care of everything: visa, internship company, housing, etc. My Chinese classes were taught extremely well, I had a lot of fun at the various cultural activities and I made many new friends. I had a wonderful experience!


Anke Belgium


As soon as I got off the plane I fell in love with China! Flatmates, classmates and colleagues were the best gift China could give me and thanks to them I totally immersed myself in the amazing Chinese culture! Hutong School provides for everything you need and you only have to worry about your will to enjoy China!


Nicolo Italy


I loved the friendly atmosphere of Hutong School and their organization and willingness to help with absolutely everything. It was in China that I decided to start my own jewellery design company once I got home. China paved the way for my future in a huge way.


Maeve South-Africa


I chose Hutong School because they had a wide variety of internship offers, plus, due to my young age, it was a good feeling to know there was always someone from the staff I could contact. Hutong School introduced me to the best internship fitting my personality. I met people from all over the world, whom I call good friends now.


Jenny Germany