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My internship with Hutong School taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and it gave me a good introduction to starting a career in China. I have accumulated sufficient quality work experience to pursue an MBA education at a top 5 US business school. I believe Hutong School played an important role in kick-starting my exciting China career.


Lawrence Singapore


Because of Hutong School, I went from being in a foreign place all alone...to being in Shanghai with a job in the Former French Concession, Chinese classes, a beautiful apartment with amazing roommates, and a close knit group of 40-50 students who instantly became my friends. It wasn't just a school for me, it was my life line.


Jonathan USA


They provided me with an outstanding placement, tailored language classes and critical welcome assistance. I must have asked the staff a thousand times to change my program, two thousand times to sign up for activities and three thousand times I changed my mind, but I’ve always been assisted with a smile. Priceless experience, priceless staff!


Alessio Perone Italy


Hutong School offered me a home away from home. I had great coworkers, a comfortable apartment with an excellent location and made friends quickly. My Mandarin teacher was very skilled and I made progress fast.


Thomas Belgium


The internship program gave me confidence that I'm ready to face professional challenges in my own country. What truly makes this school different is passionate staff. Everyone was trying to make my stay in China an unforgettable experience. My teacher, who I can call my friend now, was always motivating me to study hard while enjoying the process of learning.


Dominika Poland


I had studied Chinese on my own for about a year before I went to Hutong School. Having class for 4h/day made my Chinese level improve right away while still leaving me time for hanging out with the other students and exploring Beijing. I went back the year after so I guess that gives a pretty good impression of how satisfied I have been with the Intensive Chinese Program!

Niels Naeser Denmark

student Anthony

The whole experience provided a solid, down to Earth take on life in Beijing. My language teachers were dedicated, good humoured, and above all, they displayed an incredible patience. The lessons were demanding but very enjoyable and I couldn't wait to try out what I had learnt on unsuspecting Beijing folk!


Anthony UK


Hutong School's crew is really friendly and will help you through the everyday life, they are the kind of people who will make you smile if you feel homesick. The lessons are made to make the students progress quickly and the teachers will always encourage you. Of course they can be strict but only in a good way. Go ahead and enjoy your stay!


Luc France

student Willem

I took a Chinese language course at university before I went to China.


Willem Netherlands



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