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As soon as I got off the plane I fell in love with China! Flatmates, classmates and colleagues were the best gift China could give me and thanks to them I totally immersed myself in the amazing Chinese culture! Hutong School provides for everything you need and you only have to worry about your will to enjoy China!


Nicolo Italy


I loved the friendly atmosphere of Hutong School and their organization and willingness to help with absolutely everything. It was in China that I decided to start my own jewellery design company once I got home. China paved the way for my future in a huge way.


Maeve South-Africa

student Lisa

Hutong School made coming to China for the first time so convenient, exciting and culturally immersing! The staff, teachers and students were absolutely lovely and I still keep in contact with many of them today. In 6 months I went from absolute beginner to intermediate level Chinese!


Lisa Australian

student Nick

Thanks to its teaching method and dedicated team of teachers, after one month and a half I passed the HSK level II. I submerged myself in the local surroundings and forged many longlasting friendships with both “locals” and fellow students. In retrospect, Hutong School gave me a greater leverage in both my personal and professional life.


Nick Belgium

student Evangelista

Because I was traveling on my own for the first time, I felt very nervous before arriving at Hutong School. Once I got there, everyone was so friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I wasn't worried anymore! Teachers were wonderful and the small class sizes really helped me get more out of my time.


Evangelista USA

student Philippe

I was looking for an opportunity to go to China and stay longer than the usual vacation while getting to know the country, the culture, the language and the people. I found Hutong School and didn't hesitate long to ask my boss for an unpaid leave. Our teacher was great and funny! I had a very good time in Beijing with various activities besides studying."


Philippe Switzerland

student John

Hutong School provided me with a chance to learn the language at the beginner's level, and they provided us all an opportunity to do so while exploring many of China's historic venues for an authentic experience.


John USA

student Monika

A long-standing dream finally became reality: I took part in the Intensive Chinese Program in Shanghai. The team was very enthusiastic and provided help at any time, the activities provided the possibility to make friends. Due to their excellent English proficiency, teachers were able to explain complex language aspects in detail.


Monika Germany

Student Eduardo

At that time I was a beginner, now I'm an intermediate student. In Beijing I participated in many activities, but the most impressive one was the visit to the Great Wall. Everybody at Hutong School treated me in a special way. After this wonderful experience I think I'm more open-minded.


Eduardo Brazil

student Isabelle

My first impression arriving at the airport in Shanghai in fall 2012 was a very good one. I didn't have to worry how to get to my accommodation and where to buy my provisions. The next day I was warmly welcomed at Hutong School and met my 2 teachers. Both were professionally acting and taught me a lot.


Isabelle Switzerland


Studying and exploring Beijing was an incredible experience because of the submersion method used by Hutong School. I was able to converse with locals in such a short time. The staff were always there to help and the events held were great for everyone.


Wulf UK


Signing up for the intensive language program helped me raise my competitive edge to the next level, allowing me to perform at my current job at a Chinese company. Besides all that, my experience in China was fantastic. I made several friends and explored places I thought I would never see.


Stephen Ecuador


Doing an internship with Hutong School was the best experience of my life. Although sometimes living in Beijing was though, when I needed help Hutong School was there. The internship was pretty interesting and my Chinese teacher was great. I participated in many cultural activities: Tai Chi, making baozi, a visit to the Great Wall, and more!


Laetitia France


Hutong School made me feel at home. The staff were extremely responsive to our concerns, and helped us with everything, from transportation to finding English tutoring opportunities. My internship gave me excellent international business experience. My Chinese teacher was very personable and tailored the lessons to my needs.


Spencer USA


I chose Hutong School because they had a wide variety of internship offers, plus, due to my young age, it was a good feeling to know there was always someone from the staff I could contact. Hutong School introduced me to the best internship fitting my personality. I met people from all over the world, whom I call good friends now.


Jenny Germany


When I decided to do my 3-month internship in Beijing, I was quite scared, but the staff helped me months before my arrival, taking care of everything: visa, internship company, housing, etc. My Chinese classes were taught extremely well, I had a lot of fun at the various cultural activities and I made many new friends. I had a wonderful experience!


Anke Belgium


Hutong School in Shanghai is well situated in the Former French Concession and I didn't expect the building to be so charming and welcoming. Since I only wanted to learn business vocabulary, the teacher was flexible and adapted to my level really well. Staff are really friendly and helpful, they made my stay in Shanghai even more enjoyable.


Diana France


Hutong school really creates an environment where you can thrive as a student or traveller. I really loved my full time Chinese practice. Very energetic and entertaining teaching! I like to live dynamically and Hutong School perfectly suits that lifestyle. The staff helped me out greatly when I needed to move places and companies.


Kees Netherlands


I was very pleased with the personal method they used for finding a suitable company for my internship. First, I had a short Skype interview with the Program Manager, the day after I already had a few proposals from companies that had vacancies. The next interview was with the company I chose and one week later my internship was confirmed!


Tom Belgium


My time in Shanghai as part of Hutong School was one of the best decisions I made. It was the best internship I've ever had, with a really good internship mentor, I got a lot of new knowledge and experience. Hutong School not only gave me a professional experience, but it also gave me good cultural understanding.


Cecilie Denmark



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