Our Intensive Chinese Program

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Learn Mandarin In Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou

Run in one of our beautiful traditional schools in either the historic center of Beijing, the picturesque French Concession area in Shanghai or the dynamic business district of Hangzhou, our Intensive Chinese Program offers you a very authentic China experience.


With schools in each city, you can study Mandarin in either Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou, the choice is yours!


Discover Chinese culture in a unique environment.


Year-round applications, programs start at the beginning of every month.


Community Spirit

The school welcomes students from all over the world, with various backgrounds and a common passion for China's language and culture.


Your second family away from home, in China: you’ll find a great community spirit and develop unforgettable memories here.


Personalized Approach To Chinese

Every student at our School has a one-on-one level assessment and study plan.

Because personalized teaching is the key to fast and effective results, we at Hutong School teach  Mandarin Chinese in small groups, with 4 or 5 students per class.


Pedagogic Excellence

Mandarin Group Class

Our teachers are not only distinguished by their academic achievements, but also by their interpersonal skills and devotion to quality teaching.

They are committed to transferring their knowledge and passion for Chinese language and culture through innovative means.


Innovative Teaching Method

Specially adapted to Western students, our Chinese teaching method separates spoken Mandarin and character recognition and has been proven to advance the pace of your language learning.


While progressing quicker in spoken Mandarin, you also lay better foundations for character memorization by understanding the logic behind character construction.


Guaranteed Results

Our results-oriented method for learning Chinese guarantees fast improvement in your Chinese language learning.


In only 3 months' time, participants are able to engage in basic conversation in Chinese and recognize about 600 Chinese characters.