A Short Time Spent In China Will Boost Your Career For Life


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Whether you come to study Mandarin Chinese or to do an internship, a short time spent in China will add something to your resume, putting you head and shoulders above other job seekers.


Everyone has a degree. Fewer people have the initiative to dive head first into the world's most populated country and figure it out for themselves. Doing so will truly make you stand out.


Join 1.2 Billion Chinese Speakers


Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with more speakers than English, Spanish and French combined.


learn Chinese in China

Imagine the benefits that speaking Mandarin will give you. Whilst your other colleagues struggle with English, you'll be able to cut to the heart of the business deal by speaking to your Chinese partners in their own language. Moreover, by learning Mandarin, you get a direct insight into the intrinsic culture of Chinese people and will be able to understand your business counterparts on a whole other level. 


If you're already thinking that this skill alone will make you a precious asset to a potential employer, then you're right. 


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And whilst moving to China for a short time is the quickest and most effective way to master the language, this does not mean you have to stay there for life (though many expats love the place and choose to make it their home.)


More and more Chinese companies are going international, meaning knowledge of Mandarin Chinese will give you an advantage in boardrooms all over the world, from Brussels to New York.


Learn Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai With Hutong School


With an intensive Mandarin Chinese language program, you can make fast progress while immersing yourself in the fascinating culture of China. Our highly skilled teachers will ensure that the classes are suitable for your level and focus on the aspects of the Chinese language that are most relevant to you.




Get Practical Experience In a Place that Really Counts


work in Beijing

You know that employers at major companies want to hire people with experience, but not all experience is equal.

Intern in China, and you'll discover first hand how business is done in one of the world's most significant and dynamic economies.

Your experience in this culture and the business and networking skills you gain will accelerate your career by leaps and bounds. 


Intern in China and Get Work Experience You Can't Find at Home


With more than 300 local partner companies in a multitude of industries, we can help you find the perfect internship.