Huanghuacheng is a village located in the north of China. The town is famous for being close in proximity to a section of the Great Wall that was built during the Ming Dynasty. The town is split into parts by lakes with some parts even being immersed in water, making it unique from other sections of the Wall. It's also named after the sea of yellow flowers that bloom in the summer, “huang hua” in Chinese.
Although some parts of the hike consist of steep inclines, the hike will not be very difficult as we will be taking an easier hiking route. We also suggest you wear comfortable clothing for the hike, such as sportswear and sneakers.

To make a reservation email with your full name, gender, passport number, birth date and phone number.

Date: Saturday, November 19th
Time: 8:30am at Hutong School Gulou branch. PLEASE BE ON TIME! The bus trip will last 2 hours so we’ll arrive at Huanghuacheng at 10:30am. From 10:30am to 5:30pm we’ll be hiking. We'll stop at around 12:00pm (noon) to have lunch. Please bring your own lunch.
At 5:30pm the bus will depart. We hope to be back in Beijing around 6:30pm.
Fee: 180RMB for Hutong School students; 240RMB for non-Hutong School students.
The fee covers the costs for the busing, tour guide, tickets and insurance.