Why An Internship In China

In today’s competitive job market, having an internship experience is one of the best things that you can do for your prospective career. Whether it is done abroad or locally, internships provide an opportunity to help you develop valuable skills and help to make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

A great place to consider if you’re interested in doing an internship abroad is China.

internships in China

As the world’s second largest economy, China is reshaping the landscape of international business. It’s a perfect destination for students, young professionals, and anyone interested in embracing a new culture. An internship in China will give you an opportunity to develop skills that go beyond the normal scope of skills that you may develop in your home country.

Your time abroad will challenge you to adapt both personally and professionally, and the payoff for this adaptation will be enormous. An internship in China is not only a professional and personal opportunity; it’s a life-changing experience.


5 Tips To Finding An Internship In China

1. Grow Your Network

It’s vital to have good network in order to find new opportunities. If you already know someone who is living in China, ask them for their advice and to help send out your resume to someone who may be looking for a profile like yours.


2. Translate Your LinkedIn Profile To English

If you are looking for internships in China, it’s vital to have a good grasp of English. Make sure to have translated descriptions of your experience and a summary about yourself. Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that a potential employer will look at. If your profile is only in your native language, this will lead the recruiter to think that your English may not be good enough or that you are not as focused abroad as they thought. Definitely not a good start to an international career!


3. Take the Time To Submit Applications

Searching for a job or internship in China is a full-time job in itself; don’t get frustrated if your applications aren’t producing the results you want. If you’re a student or a young professional looking for an entry-level position or internship experience, depending on your profile and presentation, you can expect to be contacted for only 8% of the applications you submit. This means, you need to send out 100 applications to get around 10 calls. Don’t aim too high with the position or company: don’t apply for managerial positions or for jobs that require Chinese skills (unless you already have them), and try to reach out to smaller companies or start-ups. The competition for those positions are much lower than in multinational companies. Follow these tips, and it will save you lots of time.


4. Start Learning Chinese

This will allow you to understand a bit more about the culture and language, moreover, if you have a basic understanding of Chinese, it’ll be much easier to improve your language skills once you arrive. Here a little article about 7 ways learning Chinese turn your world upside down.


5. Take The HSK exam

If you have already started studying Chinese, don’t forget that a certification is the perfect way to let people know your level. HSK 1 requires at least 20 hours of lessons, while HSK 2 requires 40 hours. These two levels are a good foundation for Chinese; however, it won’t be enough to work in a Chinese company. With a HSK 3 you will be able to get around the city easily and possibly work with Chinese colleagues. With HSK 4, 5, or 6, you will be welcomed everywhere.



Internship In China For Foreigners: Which City To Choose?


internship in Shanghaiinternship in beijing








Internship in Shanghai

  • Do you love big cities and vibrant atmospheres?

  • Are international friends the perfect companion for a night out?

  • Do skyscrapers and crowds make you feel like you’re in the center of the world?

An internship in Shanghai is the perfect place for the international student like you. With a bustling and fast paced environment in the city that never sleeps.


Internship in Beijing

  • Are you fascinated by Chinese culture?

  • Do you speak Chinese or are you committed to learning it quickly?

  • Do you want to immerse yourself in Chinese culture?

An internship in Beijing is the perfect choice for you!



Internship in Hangzhouinternship in Chengdu







paid internships in china

Internship in Hangzhou

  • Are you interested in tech start-ups and innovation?

  • Do you like being surrounded by nature for a more relaxing environment?

  • Do you like hiking, biking around, and discovering new places?

An internship in Hangzhou could be the answer for you! Get away from the crowds and enjoy the view of West Lake after work.



Internship in Chengdu

  • Do you live for adventure?

  • When you are abroad, do you like to be the only foreigner within a kilometer?

  • Do you love nature, and go crazy when it comes to pandas?

Look for an internship in Chengdu, and get off the beaten track!



  • Do you love being by the sea?

  • Are you looking for an immersive experience abroad?

  • Do you love nature, and exploring a city's history?

Find a paid internship in Qingdao, and enjoy living and working in one of China's most picturesque cities!


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