How much does it cost to live in Shanghai?


Generally, Shanghai is relatively cheap compared to Europe or North America. How much money you spend depends on your lifestyle, however. A rate between 50 CNY9 AUD
50 CNY
10 NZD
441 RUB
and 100 CNY19 AUD
11 GBP
100 CNY
12 EUR
21 NZD
883 RUB
15 USD
per day should be a realistic amount to work with. Also add in any costs of traveling, going out, or sightseeing that you might want to do.


A random list of prices in Chinese Renminbi (RMB/CNY):

(Hover over the prices in CNY to see the values in EURO, USD and GBP)


What are exchange rates between the Euro or USD and Chinese currency (RMB/CNY)?

Exchange rates

CNY = RMB = Renminbi - The People's Currency