Learn Chinese on Your Phone


Learn Chinese on your phone anytime, anywhere with the brand-new AI based Hutong School app. Reserve and attend online Chinese classes from your phone or tablet and follow the award-winning methodology that has already helped thousands of people around the world learn Chinese.


Take live lessons with experienced teachers, learn and revise vocabulary, prepare for your HSK exam and review previous lessons at the click of a button. Learning Chinese has never been easier!




Who are we?

With over 15 years’ experience teaching students from across the globe, Hutong School is the world’s leading provider of Chinese language and culture classes. We operate in 14 cities across 8 countries, helping thousands of students reach their learning goals each year.


All our teachers are native speakers with extensive experience and strong academic credentials. They use their knowledge to expertly craft fun and educational classes adapted to your level and interests. By immersing you in authentic day-to-day use of Mandarin Chinese, they help you learn quicker and more effectively than with traditional methods.


Don’t just take our word for it; see what our students say about learning Chinese with us.



How does the Hutong School App work?

Using the latest technology, our app is designed to give everyone access to top quality Chinese lessons and learning tools from anywhere in the world. Combining a vast library of videos and exercises with a user-friendly online classroom and booking system, our app allows you to do anything from attending live classes to revising vocabulary for your next HSK exam.




Our video library is designed to teach you vocabulary and grammar structures through engaging real-life examples. Each video comes with a series of exercises that allow you to review learning points and easily track your progress. Using the latest AI technology, the app takes your results and tailors future content to help you review and practice the areas you’re finding more difficult.


There’s only so far you can get with learning independently. When you feel ready to put what you’ve learnt into action, you can head to our booking page to schedule online classes with your favorite teachers and enjoy high-quality lessons directly on your phone. Your teacher will tailor the content to suit your level and interests and will always follow up with a list of vocabulary and grammar points for you to review before your next class.



Getting started

It’s free and easy to use the Hutong School app. Simply download and create an account to gain unlimited access to our full video library, which includes the following features:


  • Character recognition exercises

  • Pronunciation and translation of new vocabulary

  • Speech recognition

  • Favorites List: save new words to your list of favorites to review them more often

  • Difficulty settings: adjust the difficulty level by choosing to include or exclude the English translations and pinyin of new characters


To purchase and reserve your online class, select a teacher’s profile and click the Reservation button. Choose from a list of available time slots (adjusted to your current time zone), and the system will remind you when it’s time to have class. Before then, don’t forget you can practice for free with our videos so you and your teacher can jump straight in to speaking about your favorite topics.



Download for free and start learning today!


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