Agriculture & Sustainability Program

China’s agricultural industry employs hundreds of millions of people. Home to one fifth of the world’s population, but less than 10% of its arable land, this sector faces huge challenges. Don’t miss this opportunity to see for yourself how this industry is transforming and developing in the far east’s unique environment.


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Learn From An Expert

This program offers you the chance to travel to two of China’s major metropolises, Shanghai and Beijing, where you’ll visit companies and meet game changers in both agriculture hotspots. Modernization, sustainability and agriculture form a special combination in China to transform how the Chinese produce food and spread awareness of pollution and waste. Organic and biological food production, strict waste separation policies and zero-waste lifestyles are only a few examples.


During the Agriculture and Sustainability Program, you’ll visit the local companies and professionals who play a part in these developments. Both Shanghai and Beijing have huge populations, but very different natural environments. Visiting both cities will provide you with a wider perspective on the scale of the challenges faced, and why certain solutions suit certain places.


Besides learning about trends and developments in agriculture and sustainability, you’ll get to really see how the industry operates and develops and put this new knowledge to good use in an independent project.



Sightseeing, Activities & Classes


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Between attending lectures and taking part in project work, you’ll experience the best Beijing and Shanghai have to offer in the safe hands of our experienced team. You’ll visit iconic attractions like the Bund, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and more. You’ll also take part in a carefully selected range of cultural activities designed to give you a taste of authentic Chinese culture and traditions such as calligraphy, tai chi and mahjong.


During the Agriculture & Sustainability Program, students will attend 2 Chinese language classes. Learning with our highly qualified native teachers, you’ll quickly pick up some basics to help enrich your experience. 



Dates & Inclusions

cultural study tours of chinaOur 14-day Agriculture Program in China includes:


Not included:


The 2020 Agriculture & Sustainability Program will take place from 8th until 21st July.


Booking Terms

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Cancellation Terms

50% reimbursement in case of cancellation prior to departure.

No reimbursement possible after departure date.