Celebrating 10 Years of Hutong School

2015 marks the completion of the first decade of Hutong School.

To celebrate reaching this milestone, we'd like to share some stories from our history and our team, which we've gathered over the last 10 years.

Hopefully this will help you understand more about us, as well as what it really means when a group of Westerners get together in a small alley in Beijing and decide to introduce China and Chinese to the world!


Our History

Since our first student arrived in Beijing in 2005 we've welcomed over 4000 students and interns from all over the world.

Beginning in a small Hutong in the Northern Capital, we've since expanded across China and the globe.


Our People

Many of our staff and students have left their homes and traveled thousands of kilometers to discover China. Hutong School became their home as well as their family.

We've asked some of our people to share their stories of their adventures in China and experiences at Hutong School, which will help you understand who we are and why we're here.


Our People