HSK Preparation Courses at Hutong School

Thanks to our co-operation with a certified HSK center we offer HSK Tests on a monthly basis to our students.

To better prepare our students for these tests we organize specialized HSK Preparation courses at Hutong School. We have courses for every  HSK level.

We organize both group classes (with an average of 4 students per group) and private classes.

For more information please write to us, or call us at the following number:

Beijing: (+86) 10 8523 6030
Shanghai: (+86) 21 3428 0099


HSK preparation course in Beijing and Shanghai 2015


  • 20 hours of group or private classes
  • teaching materials
  • trial exam
  • free Skritter subscription


  Group Private
HSK 1 --- 2190 CNY/person
HSK 2 1590 CNY/person 2290 CNY/person
HSK 3 1690 CNY/person 2390 CNY/person
HSK 4 1790 CNY/person 2490 CNY/person
HSK 5 1890 CNY/person 2590 CNY/person
HSK 6 --- 2690 CNY/person

(No group courses offered for HSK 1 & 6)


Classes are held during weekdays from 18h30 to 20h30 (2 weeks). HSK preparation courses start 2 weeks before every HSK exam date. Take a look at the 2015 HSK schedule.

If you are interested in taking HSK Preparation Courses at Hutong School or if you have any further questions, please contact us or call Beijing (+86) 10 8523 6030 and Shanghai (+86) 21 3428 0099!


Global-Exam: Online platform for preparation of HSK test

In addition to the HSK preparation courses delivered at the Hutong School, our partner Global-Exam will help you practice for the test.

Global-Exam is an online platform dedicated to help learners of Chinese pass the HSK test.

With tailor-made exercises to help you understand and train for the HSK, Global-Exam will help you:

- Understand, because the HSK test has specific guidelines, students who want to perform well need to assimilate them and practice under real conditions
- Train, because students should practice a lot to be efficient in terms of language proficiency, time and stress management.

Thus, Global-Exam’s efficient and unique method for students to succeed lies in:

- A lot of training: more than 6,000 questions
- Real exam conditions: training and exam modes
- Made by experts of the HSK test
- With some support: answer keys, flashcards, exam dashboard,…

From HSK 1 to 5 (HSK 6 available in 2015), Global-Exam is your partner to increase your HSK score.

As the platform is online, experience 24 hour a day, 7 days a week training to strengthen your skills on www.global-exam.com!

The good news is that Hutong School students benefit from a 10% discount when they sign up for Global-Exam too; for more information do get in touch!

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