How much does it cost to live in Shanghai?


Generally, Shanghai is relatively cheap compared to Europe or North America. How much money you spend depends on your lifestyle, however. A rate between 50 CNY9 AUD
10 NZD
470 RUB
and 100 CNY19 AUD
11 GBP
13 EUR
20 NZD
941 RUB
14 USD
per day should be a realistic amount to calculate with. Also add in any costs of traveling, going out, or sightseeing that you might want to do.


A random list of prices in Chinese Renminbi (RMB/CNY):

(Hover over the prices in CNY to see the values in EURO, USD and GBP)


What are exchange rates between the Euro or USD and Chinese currency (RMB/CNY)?

Exchange rates

CNY = RMB = Renminbi - The People's Currency