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Who better than our own students to tell you all about their experiences in China learning Mandarin Chinese and/or doing an internship. Read their stories below. Are you next?

student Nick



Time stayed in China: 3 Months

Thanks to its teaching method and dedicated team of teachers, after one month and a half I passed the HSK level II. I submerged myself in the local surroundings and forged many longlasting friendships with both “locals” and fellow students. In retrospect, Hutong School gave me a greater leverage in both my personal and professional life.


Student Thomas



Time stayed in China: 2 Months

Hutong School set me up with a nice flat in the centre of Beijing, taught me loads during class and led interesting cultural activities after class. The greatest thing was the flexibility to determine your own experience while also being provided the opportunity to experience as much as possible at every turn.


student Bea



Time stayed in China: 6 Months

I particularly appreciated the dedication and patience of the teachers (I'm more than 70 years old, it was not so easy to get vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation into my old brain) and the time the administratives spent to help us for accommodation, planning, etc. Hutong School "boosted" me to pass HSK 3 at 74 years old!


student Anthony



Time stayed in China: 1 Month

The whole experience provided a solid, down to Earth take on life in Beijing. My language teachers were dedicated, good humoured, and above all, they displayed an incredible patience. The lessons were demanding but very enjoyable and I couldn't wait to try out what I had learnt on unsuspecting Beijing folk!


student Susanna



Time stayed in China: 1 Month

The staff at Hutong School were incredibly helpful and flexible in organising my study schedule. I took some one-on-one classes as well as the group lessons and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. My teachers were so kind and patient, but at the same time they really challenged me to work as hard as I could.


student Ben



Time stayed in China: 6 Months

Hutong School included language/cultural barrier asistance 24/7, and exposed me to a new culture, great cultural activities, a new language, amazing people. I took the Chinese intensive course and found it to be more effective than any other Chinese language program I have encountered. The teachers are very good, professional and friendly.


student Lidiia



Time stayed in China: 1 Month

When you enter the school, you won't find anyone who is bored, unhappy or unmotivated. Everybody - administrative staff, teachers and students - is friendly, helpful and passionate about the classes! The team's helping hands were always there, even before any problem appeared: I was picked up from the airport and had 24/7 assistance.


student Willem



Time stayed in China: 1 Month

I took a Chinese language course at university before I went to China.


student Lisa



Time stayed in China: 6 Months

Hutong School made coming to China for the first time so convenient, exciting and culturally immersing! The staff, teachers and students were absolutely lovely and I still keep in contact with many of them today. In 6 months I went from absolute beginner to intermediate level Chinese!


student Lucie



Time stayed in China: 1 Month

My stay in Beijing enabled me to discover a new culture and showed my ability to live by myself even in a city whose language is particularly challenging: I improved my Chinese a lot thanks to the classes! The Hutong School staff were lovely and very helpful. As for the cultural activities, they were all very well organized and interesting.




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