Hey everyone!

 Meet my new friend! :)

So I do not have many updates to post right now. However I can explain what my days look like: 

- I wake up at 7.30

- I start working at around 9.30 (AMAZINGLY FUN COMPANY)

- I get lunch with everyone, everyday, always learning some new places and restaurants

- I stop working at around 18.00 (latest)

- I'm back home at around 19.00, eat and chill :)

That's pretty much what my working week looks like! At work right now I'm busy helping with the development of a couple of websites. Once we reach the deadlines (pretty much now) I will start working on my BI/PM project. I am looking forward to it, even though working with the websites is quite fun aswel :). 

Yesterday we ate Peking Duck! Like they bring the whole duck next to the table and cut it in front of you and all! Nomnoms, delicious :). 

Some things to look forwards to: 

- Brunch with my collegues at my Indian collegue's house. 

- Skiing with my collegues.

- Welcome drink tomorrow.

- A friend is who is doing an internship in Shanghai is coming here for a week, and I'll be going there for one week (consecutively). 

- Chinese New Year (19th + a whole week). 


Well, that's pretty much it for now! :)

I hope everything goes well for you guys,