Hey again guys, So here I am again with some more experiences I would like to share. So I woke up around 6.30 AM because my bed is like stone-hard. But I don’t mind too much, I sleep well and it’s actually nice to have a very hard mattress. So after getting ready we left around 8.30 to head to school. Being a Monday the subway was way more crowded than before so it was quite crazy. We actually have to push our way through to get inside, and we’re also getting pushed by people who work there. Being squished like a sardine is quite funny!

So after that we headed to a little bar next to our school in order to get something to eat for breakfast. Just some casual non-Chinese croissant. So we headed to school in order to receive our schedules for the classes (mainly important for my roommates as they do not do an internship here, they follow language classes). I have classes on Tuesday and Friday evenings, after my work :). We took care of some more administrative stuff and then we headed to the ‘Bookworm’. It’s a crazy cool library-bar, really nice and fun to be at. We ate lunch there and then I head back to the apartment. That’s pretty much the interesting stuff for that day.

I also added a couple of pictures of my apartment and the view we have from up here (29th floor!) it’s incredible. Today, third of February, I have my first day at work, which is quite exciting!! Before heading to work I went to school because I needed someone to show me the way. I added a couple of pictures of what my school looks like and also the view. Today is a very smoggy day, with the flatmates we consider getting ourselves some filters because we have really dry eyes, throat-aches and difficulties to breathe sometimes. But we’ll get over it! ;-).


Not so smoggy:

Alright so at work things are great aswel! I work with an awesome team, I don't think I could've found a better place to have an internship. The group is small but super friendly and very welcoming. We already had two lunches together at some really tasty and fun Chinese places. I will add some pictures of the food, it's super yummy! As for work I am now helping on the maintenance of a couple of websites and will soon start on a new project. Waiting for the boss to come in so we can discuss more in detail what I am going to do exactly for that so I will post an update about that later on.


Good night to you all!