Hey everyone, 


so I'm going to put my first experience online right now, it's still my first day here but wow what have I been going through! Alright let's start with the beginning... So we got to the airport at like 10AM or something that. Everything went quite smoothly (check-in, ...). Even got a little surprise from my godmother who came by with her husband! It was really funny and had a great laugh.

After the goodbyes, I went through security pretty swiftly, got to the gate waited a while and left off towards china. The flight itself was fine, a bit disturbing on some points but that's just things I have to get used to so I won't go into details ;). I watched 6 movies though, so pretty cool. 

Arriving in China I had to pass a great lot of security in order to get to my luggage, being sleep-deprived and excited was making me impatient to just get through everything and get started with it! In the end it took about an hour to collect my luggage and pass through everything. Finally I met Yin, who took my to meet the other arrivals (who are also my flatmates now!). It's all real cool, I'm with a girl from the Netherlands and a guy from Canada (who lives in Australia). They're both really nice and it's cool to have some people who can share all the first experiences with you as well! 

So What have we actually done today? 

- We went to the appartment to drop off our stuff and claim our rooms :D. 

- We took the subway to school and explored a little around! (I found the Beer Mania (Belgian Beer Café)) ;)

- We Went to the police station to register.

- We ate at KFC because we were too tired to bother :D.

- We went to the supermarket to buy like the basics we need (toilet papers and stuff!!)

- We took a nap! and unpacked very slowly and inefficiently ;). 

- Went to a chinese restaurant to enjoy some local food and people laughing at us :D! (Some pictures below).

All in all, I had a great first day, not yet shocked by the culture (but that'll kick in once I'm no longer sleep deprived I imagine :P). I'm going to head to bed right now and will hear more tomorrow about my classes and internship. I will keep you posted and if you have any questions, skype (chat) me or FB message me (it seems my FB messenger app works, but not my FB app ;)). 




P.S. I haven't figured out how to post pictures on the blog yet (yes that is how sleepy I am). I will post some soon!