Now traveling isn't something that I'm new to. In fact, I've been on two study abroad trips just in the past year (2014). But nobody or any amount of traveling could've prepared me for my 13 and a half hour flight to Beijing. I think after four hours, I was starting to wonder why I was coming here in the first place. To top it off, the things that I was hearing about Beijing were not so thrilling. Smog, cluttered, safety, etc. I was beginning to worry about my life in China for four months. When I landed, the airport was indeed crowded with people trying to get through passport check. So China and Beijing is indeed cluttered. On my arrival, my contact told me that there were 20 million people living in Beijing alone. Alright, so I couldn't get mad after hearing that. I am originally from Chicago, where the population is about 2 million. So of course things are going to take more time here. What really concerned me was the traffic and people. Everyone just goes when they want and walks when they want. Today for example, a friend of mine and her boyfriend were driving me around town helping me settle in and get a few things. We were on our way back to my apartment when we needed to turn onto my street. My friend's boyfriend turned in front of this car that was stopped in the middle of the road. Other cars got impatient and went around the back of the car we were blocking and wound up blocking us! Then to make matters even worse, a car decided to turn behind us and block a bus from going forward. So, if you're from New York, this is probably just your average day downtown. On the better side of things, my apartment is in a good location, meaning that is down the street from the local mall and subway station. Right outside my front gate, I have a food market and a grocery store. Lots of good things to see and do! Just driving around today I saw 3 more places that I wanted to visit on top of the places that are already on my list! Tomorrow I start my first day at my internship and I couldn't be more excited! Next time I'll say some helpful tips and hopefully have some pictures to upload! Until next time, Theresa - See more at: