So this is my first blog, never thoughed i would writh this kind of stuff:p

but its an easy way of anwsering questions from everyone at once :p (If you read it of course haha.

So i have decided to anwser a few of the most common questions i get:

I'll live in a apartment i share with som eother studens (From all over the world)

I'll work at this company :

And my work will be this: ( And yes i do intend to start doing yoga xD)

Also if you want to talk to me doing my stay in China you'll need to do so on skype! (My skype name is bettina.thorvil )

I intend to write in here when im in China, so you can follo wme if you want to (But i make no promis, cause to be honest i might forget :p )

So i think thats it:p and if not i'll just make another blog later xD