What we offer you


We offer classes tailored to your needs, because every person and every company is different.

No matter what your professional background is, regardless of your sector, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced learner, Hutong School has got you covered.


Executive 1-on-1 training

learn business Chinese in ChinaOur private tutoring course is designed to suit busy lifestyles and guarantees fast and effective results.

As personalized teaching is the key to fast and effective results, we construct a course based on your needs and requirements.

Our teachers can meet you wherever and whenever you want in order to save you time.


Intensive Group ClassesChinese classes tailored to you

Our Intensive Group Classes focus on Mandarin in everyday situations and are ideal for newly arrived expats looking to kickstart their career in China. Our teaching method separates spoken Mandarin from character recognition and is optimized for Western learners. Groups are small and have an average of 4 or 5 students per group.




Why choose us?


With Hutong School’s far-reaching expertise, we are the best choice for you and/or your employees.


1. Highly Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers are highly motivated, talented college graduates with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. We make sure our teachers have outstanding English communication skills, a strong all-around knowledge and have minimum a Bachelor Degree in TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language). Our highly selective recruitment process ensures we only have the best teachers that meet our criteria.


2. Pedagogic Excellence

Our groundbreaking teaching method is optimized for Western students and separates characters from spoken Chinese. This approach has been proven to enhance the language acquisition process. We are continuously innovating our teaching approach based on the expertise of our education department and on the feedback from our students and teachers. Furthermore, we believe that personalized teaching is the key to fast and effective results and therefore only teach in small groups.


3. Flexible Schedule

Hutong School is all about flexibility. Our teachers can meet you wherever you want, whenever you want.  We provide classes in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening, and at the weekend at a convenient place for you, whether that's at Hutong School, your home or office. Moreover, our teachers are highly flexible and will be happy to reschedule with only 12-24 hours notice. We provide this service to students of all levels: from absolute beginner to advanced.


4. Specialized Courses

Our courses are tailor-made to fit your specific requirements based on your sector and help you achieve your goals. We have experience in many sectors and we design specialized courses customized to your sector or company. Our monthly teaching plan (with optional HSK preparation) sets the targets right for you or your employees. An additional monthly report evaluates the learning progress (including student class attendance, teacher evaluation and goals evaluation based on the teaching plan) to ensure we provide you with the best service.


5. International Experience

Our school is internationally recognized and operates in both Europe and Asia. Our multilingual team is happy to assist you whether you are in China or in your home country. With students and representatives of over 30 countries worldwide, we offer a broad international perspective in addition to our Chinese language courses.



They trust us


Through our extensive network, we have experience teaching Chinese to numerous companies in many sectors. We are proud to have helped these companies.





How we work


We guarantee you a smooth organization of your Chinese classes from the very first contact onwards.

Here’s how we work together with you:




1. Needs Assessment: We talk with you to assess your needs regarding your or your companies’ desired schedule and Chinese language learning goals.

2. Proposal: Based on all retrieved information, we design your study plan and send you our quotation.

3. Trial Class: We organize a 1-hour trial class at a convenient time and place for you.

4. Contract: We sign a contract and commit to offer you the best service regarding your Chinese language learning.

5. Feedback: We send you a monthly report so you can actively keep track of you progress to guarantee everyone’s satisfaction.


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