After my very pleasant flights with Emirates from Hamburg (HAM) to Dubai (DXB) and Dubai (DXB) to Shanghai (PVG) I suddenly arrived in Shanghai. A new part of my life has just began. I went through Immigration got my luggage and went through customs. After I was finally in the Pickup Area, a Hutong School representative was waiting for me. He was holding a piece of Paper with my Name. He helped me with my luggage. We went out of the Airport and we got in to the taxi already waiting for us. While driving into the City to my Apartment, a private one, I talked a lot with the representative of Hutong School to get as many Information as possible. I wasn’t shocked seeing all the dirt in the streets. I have been to China before, to be more precise I have been to Beijing about 3 years ago. So I knew, that it is very crowded and that a lot of Chinese people spit in the corners, but that’s how it is here in China.

We arrived at my Apartment Compound. We left the Taxi and took the luggage to my new home. We left all my stuff there and just walked around had a look at the neighborhood, bought some beer and some other basics, like tooth paste, tooth brush and off course some Coffee. After I was alone, I called home, to report. The calls took hours.

The next morning, I got up, got a shower and continued to unpack. After a little while the Hutong School representative came and went to the police station with me to get me registered. Afterwards we took the Metro to the Hutong School Office and I got introduced to everybody. Fortunately I had the next few days off, so I could start to explore the city. It was a little hard to do that without any Chinese, so I started very soon with my Chinese classes.

You get totally used to living here after a few days, if you really want to. You will have a hard time, if you do not speak at least very little Chinese.