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Consultant Intern

General Internship Information

  • Business Area: Consulting
  • Location: Beijing
  • Duration: 3 months - 6 months
  • Allowance: 0.00 CNY
  • Other benefits:
  • Reference: 852

Daily Tasks

In this role, the intern is supposed to work with student entrepreneurial/business
community, investors and corporate sponsors. This involves both business consulting and
investment analysis skills

Business/Entrepreneurship Facilitation and Investment Analysis
- Facilitate Chinese entrepreneurial students to join overseas entrepreneurial exchanges
programs so that they can work with foreign entrepreneurs on their existing ventures or
incubate new startup ideas
- Performing market research and due diligence for potential investments
- Facilitate Chinese students to participate in overseas work-based learning projects that
is organized by Harvard University in the Greater Boston and New York areas
- Organize and implement entrepreneurship pitch and business interview competitions for
student entrepreneurs, innovators and business organization members
- Create award programs for the aforementioned parties
- Meeting with student entrepreneurs who have started businesses in which investors may
be interested in participating in
- Facilitating potential investment funding and corporate sponsorship in student
entrepreneurial ventures and work-based learning projects
- Reporting for our investors, which includes helping to set companies' valuations, writing
quarterly updates, and packaging the material for our investors
- Working with portfolio companies of our partners, including research projects, competitor
analysis and valuation work
- Designing and executing projects of your own direction that help us and/or our partners'
portfolio companies

Social entrepreneurship (for daughter organisation)
- Help promote social entrepreneurship among Chinese students and its role in the wider
international entrepreneurship community
- Raise awareness in the investor community and provide financial projections for
potential social enterprises that we are working with
- Create a quantitative SROI (Social Return on Impact) methodology for our respective
social enterprises
- Specifically focus on our current social entrepreneurship agendas for 2015-2016: women
empowerment, AIDS, family planning and other gender-related issues and create
competitions and events that focus on this


Ideal skills and qualifications of prospective candidates
- Extremely strong interpersonal skills
- Have a decent academic track record pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate
- Enthusiastic about talking to entrepreneurs and is interested in entrepreneurial
facilitation and consulting
- Self-motivated and able to direct their own work

Additional Information

What’s in offer for incumbents?
- Face-to-face experience working with regional leaders
- Experience in managing an actual incubator department and access to multimillion USD
- Involved in decision-making processes that most internships will not be able to offer
- Direct liaison with government officials
- Recommendation letters from management personnel of multiple big brands
- Leadership opportunities to conduct mass-scale events

Company Description

This organisation promotes business and entrepreneurship exchanges between the West and Asia, especially the Greater China region, focusing on youth. Together with Harvard and MIT entrepreneurial and international business associations, they work with their strategic partners expand their presence in Asia. The organisation is a backed by an incubator that is a joint-initiative between the regional government of the Beijing Economic Development Zone and a prominent technological company. Furthermore, they will play a big role in the development in a massive entrepreneurial park in the region that will be approved to operate in May 2016. Their main focus is on student entrepreneurial and commercial endeavors, through connecting students to real world connections in the other side of the world and equipping them with up-to-date knowledge that will allow them to grow professionally along with their flourishing ventures or individual careers.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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