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Want to learn Chinese but can’t make it to one of our schools? Look no further. Hutong School offers online Mandarin courses with highly qualified and experienced native teachers, helping you reach your Chinese learning goals from anywhere in the world.


Our online Mandarin courses offer you complete flexibility to study wherever, whenever. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a computer to start learning. Each course is expertly adapted to suit your Chinese level - whether that’s beginner, intermediate or somewhere in between. We can also help you achieve specific learning goals, such as reaching a conversational level, preparing for an internship in China, or passing the HSK.  


With Hutong School’s online Mandarin classes, you’ll not only learn the language, but you’ll also gain an understanding of Chinese culture and dos-and-don’ts in everyday life and the business environment. You will focus only on the aspects of Chinese language and culture that are useful to you, optimizing your study time getting the most out of it.




  • Free trial class: Sign-up for a free 30-minute trial class with one of our teachers who will assess your level and introduce you to our teaching methodology.

  • Meet your Academic Advisor: Following your trial, your academic advisor will help you chose the best course and study plan to help you reach your learning goals.

  • Choose your plan: We offer three different plans (Basic – Light – Premium) depending on the number of lessons you want to take each month. All our plans include 1-to-1 lessons + group lesson + online multimedia materials. Our classes last 50 minutes.

  • Set your schedule: You can decide how many classes you want to take each week. Choose a time and day that suits you best. Our classes are available 24/7.


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