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Website Development Internship

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

Website development and Website maintenance


1) 3rd or 4th year bachelor student
2) Working internship (no thesis/graduation research internship)
3) Interest in craft beer industry is a plus
4) Strong programming skills
5) Excellent oral and written English
6) Ability to work independently, solve complex challenges, and hit deadlines
7) Good cooperation and communication skills

Additional Information

Candidates ideally have the following soft-skills:

1) Willingness to learn: Ability and willingness to observe and listen to others, to learn new skills and absorb new information.
2) Pro-activeness: Ability to anticipate on company needs, work on their own initiative and only ask for help when needed.
3) Independence: Ability to work on their own without being constantly supervised.
4) Interpersonal skills: Ability to develop professional relationships.
5) Attention to details: Ability to focus on details to produce high quality work

Company Description

This company is a wholesale distributor for brewing supplies and ingredients in China. They supply craft breweries all across China the best imported ingredients in a fast and efficient manner from their distribution center in Shanghai. Their aim is to be the 'one-stop-shop' for all supplies a craft brewery needs, such as:
- Malts
- Hops
- Yeasts
- Adjuncts & Fermentables
- Flavors & Additions
- Brewing Aids


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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