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General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

This internship will consist of various parts:

1. New Factory set up

Our company will invest in the construction of a new factory in the Jiangsu province to develop
an innovative product related to the nuclear decontamination activities. As this project is at its starting point, the following tasks are basically:
-­‐ Setting up new equipment for production
-­‐ Create a showroom for Chinese customers (nuclear plant maintenance department)
-­‐ Produce first new prototype
Task to be defined according to the project progress.

2. Mobile App Project

The company needs to develop, with the help of an IT programmer, a Mobile application which aims to do the following tasks:
- Database of nuclear suppliers in China
- Database of nuclear power plant in China
- Nuclear dictionary English/Chinese
- News of event in China
- Perhaps a newletters, to be confirm
- Update info, work closely with the programmer
Your tasks will be the following:
- The application is currently on a beta version, but need to E-market online. Develop an E-marketing campaign through Linkedin, nuclear associations all over the world, in countries such as UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Finland, France, etc…
- Prepare a pdf presentation of the application, market in China through nuclear conference, exhibition.

3. Nuclear Energy related Event

The company is preparing a new conference in Shanghai in October about nuclear topics.
Your tasks will be:
- Update the company's website
- Prepare invitations
- Prepare a pdf presentation
- Prospecting calls to foreign companies
- Prepare a brochure of the event
- Booking of conference room
- Hire translators
- Attend the event
- Animate the event
- Get feedback from the participants
This will be the first event which is held in China about nuclear energy related topics.

4. Shanghai French Nuclear Hub

The company will create a new “French Nuclear Hub“ in Shanghai in partnership with DPark. The intern will work with other nuclear companies to create this nuclear hub. They will organize some networking event to create some synergy among the companies.


- Fluent in English
- Chinese and French language skills are preferred
- Background in business or engineering
- Interest in green energy sector and nuclear power
- Good communication and negotiation skills
- Outgoing personality
- Familiar with basic IT tools
- Well organized

Additional Information

- At the end of this internship the intern will have a broad idea about the green energy market in China.
- In case of business trip especially to Beijing, fees are reimbursed.
- Start up ambiance Intern can be paid by commission on the App ads and Nuclear Event

Company Description

This company belongs to a nuclear energy association consisting of 200 member companies and dealing with business to business meetings, exhibitions, technology and business seminars, organization of tours for member companies and joint venture signature, assistance with quality certifications and market studies for foreign companies willing to start a business in China.
It is representing French and European companies in China, which are involved in the energy sector (nuclear, wind, solar power, thermal, etc.). They have multiple Chinese partner companies.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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