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IT Assistant intern for online communication platform

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

Your role will be to help develop their online communication platform by conducting the following tasks, including but not limited to:
- Website maintainance
- Website development


- Major in Information technology
- Experience with JAVA and APP
- Ability to work on their own without being constantly supervised.
- Ability to be open to new ideas and customs.
- Ability to organize and present information in a structured and logical way.
- Ability to deal with ‘grey’ areas, adapt and change your approach.
- Ability and willingness to observe and listen to others, to learn new skills and absorb new information.
- Ability to anticipate on company needs, work on their own initiative and only ask for help when needed.

Additional Information

- This will be a great opportunity to learn how to work in a Chinese company
- Your internship supervisor will be a Native Chinese speaker who speaks English
- You will work closely with the foreign Marketing intern

Company Description

This is a Chinese trading company in Shanghai with a branch office located in Guangzhou. Since 2009, they have been mainly selling baby food such as baby formula and baby dietary supplement products imported from New Zealand. So far, they have more than 5,000 maternity and baby supplies chain stores in China and their own sales team. They will soon launch an online purchasing shop.


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