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IOS Developer Intern

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

As an IOS Developer Intern, you will work on the company’s related projects, together with their development team.


- Familiarity with at least 2 programming languages
- Proficiency in at least 1 programming language
- Experience in developing & debugging software in a modern IDE, or in a classic (Makefile/ANT-based) self-maintained build environment
- Moderate RDBMS (Relational database) knowledge: ER Diagrams, Schema creation, SQL
- Familiarity with a Linux/BSD based OS (EG: OSX, Redhat, Ubuntu)

Additional Information

- Allowance of 500 CNY per month + 100 CNY phone allowance + 12 CNY for lunch expenses a day
- Has personal coding projects that they can demonstrate
- Knows at least 1 scripting language (bash/csh/sh/python/perl)
- Has linux experience
- Has done GUI development in a modern IDE
- Experience with web technology (JSON/XML/HTML/Javascript)
- Experience with iOS/Android development environment, even if just recreational

Company Description

This is a software development company focused on creating awareness through technology.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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