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Frontend Web Application Developer + Backend Java Developer

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A mature SAAS application for businesses, specializing in offering a multi-channel customer service. Some of those channels are : Web Chat, WeChat, APP Chat, E-mail, Phone, WhatsApp, FB messenger and Instagram.

Being a full-sized project (around 220'000 lines of Java code), its design follows all the major conventions and good practices of large-scale applications, such as design patterns (facade, singletons, factories), concurrency, etc.

If your interest is more backend-oriented, these are some of the technologies that we use most often:

- servlet architecture (jsp/gateways)
- concurrency (Synchronization, Runnables, Schedulers, Futures, etc.)
- hibernate (ORM)
- facades

On the other side, the front-end represents a huge part of the application, both in terms of size as well as the responsibility that it has as the customer facing. Moreover, given the server-client architecture, a lot of the backend development must start from a good knowledge of the frontend part and its technologies, how the fetched data is going to be displayed, etc.

The core part of the frontend is all written in Javascript. Recently, we have started using some other frontend frameworks.

A review of basic HTML and CSS is also advised, as you will have to use it in some way almost on a daily base.

For this reason, if you are interested in exploring some of the new shiny frontend technologies out there, and see their application in a production environment, you can start checking out a few frameworks of your choice, such as Angular (1 or 2), ReactJS, Vue, etc.

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Company Description

Livecom is the market leader in the areas of customer communication and online conversion solutions, allowing companies to help their customers faster and more efficiently. This boosts sales, customer satisfaction and confidence, while saving costs. Companies like ele.me, Clarins, Caudalie, Asurion, Philips, PCCW, Pernod Ricard, Chow Tai Fook, Baopals, Guerlain, China Telecom, Thomas Cook and Web International English implemented Livecom products and solutions in China, and found that the synergy and return of their customer communication and e-commerce investments strongly increased.

Livecom is the platform for your all-channel customer communication. This intelligent, web-based application bundles your big data environment, chat messages, (400/800) telephone, voice and video conversations, emails, web interactions, Wechat, FB Messenger, Line, your native APP messages, customer logs and surfing behavior into one customer profile. Livecom delivers high-end tailor made solutions with their unified communication platform and integrates your CRM, ERP, WFM, OMS seamlessly.

In addition, Livecom can assign every contact request – regardless of the communication channel - to the most suited representative, so achieving higher service levels at lower costs. What's more, Livecom's solutions distinguish themselves with an excellent accessibility, stability, reliability, and an uncomplicated user interface. This way, Livecom offers the only fully integrated all-channel communication platform without time-consuming implementations. This makes Livecom's proposition unique.


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