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Developer Symphony PHP Intern

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

Development of new features and updates of softwares developed on Symfony and interfaced on the ERP SAP BI, to optimize productivity in the warehouse on several production lines (filling and emptying of containers).
The software analyzes the data in real time on the activity of the teams and generates KPI for management, HR, finance. The company has started this project internally for two years now and their client asks for constant additions. Their client is a French company that is part of the CAC40. The company created this software for one of their branches in Singapore.


Technical environment: Symfony, SAP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript.

Additional Information

This internship is for you if you want to learn, to gain autonomy and to propose your ideas in the service of big brands.

Company Description

This company is a web design agency based in Shanghai - China. Working on web design & development, APP & WeChat apps, Business Intelligence & CRM and SEO.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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