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Cross Training Internship

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

All round startup support from Marketing to Research. Will include: Design curation, Communications, Networking, Website Support, Article Writing, Video Curation, Marketing, Proposal Creation, Finance Projections. Absolute 360 startup role - very fast paced and diverse.

Some of the daily tasks that the intern will be performing:

Sharp 7am Morning Meeting - Contribution of ideas, opinions is expected.
Attending External Meetings with Local and Foreign Clients / Partners / Potential Creative Collaborators
WeChat Marketing
Designing Posters / Creative Content Curation
Brainstorming With Team
Communication in English, if can use Chinese this is a plus.
Article Writing
Execution of Projects
Proposal Curation


Interest in Creative Works
Interest in New Concept ideas
Some form of Experience or example of being a go-getter
Photoshop, Illustrator and some video editing skills are requested.
Candidate needs to be flexible/open-minded/ self-starter and very independent.

Additional Information

Please, note that the working hours are the following:
7am-12pm (5 hours), candidates will take responsibility to finish off tasks after that time in their own style/location/time - or remain in the co-working space to finish it off if they so desire. At times they will find that they do not need to work after 12. If projects run on weekends they will be expected to commit.

Company Description

An experienced led productions collective, with the sole purpose of empowering people in shaping the future. This company curate thought-provoking multi media arts experiences by presenting electric performances and stimulating interactions - striving to root a fertile landscape of positive creative movements in Shanghai.

This company has executed projects for grass root initiatives as well as global corporations. If you are really looking to learn a 360 entrepreneurship role where you are pushed into the deep end and challenged about working intimately in a foreign environment then this is for you!

Skills of Photoshop, creativity, communications and a die-hard self-starting streak is embraced. This company has a young yet dedicated team.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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