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1. Teacher Training Program Assistant internship

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

-Creating a digital form for future analysis of the oral English Test and then to input all the test results we have got so far into the digital form.

-Updating all our lesson plans with our template and the new office address.

-Starting to work on the image searching of the 90-min lesson plans and the format adjustment of the lesson plans.

These are all paperwork and requires focused attention.
The amount of work could vary on a daily basis for now, but we plan to roll out all the lesson plans before next semester, so the upcoming months could get busier and busier.


-Must speak very good English
-Basic Chinese would be a plus.
-The intern needs to communicate very actively with other colleagues and supervisors
-Needs to be very proactive as he/she needs to work a lot on his/her own and communicate when he/she spots issues.
-If the intern understands some basic methodologies in language teaching, that would be great, but it's not a must.
-The intern has to have very good computer skills, especially in using Microsoft office software.

Additional Information

This job can be done partly remotely.

Company Description

This not-for-profit charitable organisation has the mission to improve the education and general welfare of disadvantaged children in China. They work with expatriate and local Chinese volunteers to teach English in Shanghai’s migrant schools and community centres. The organisation currently recruits, trains, coordinates and supports around 200 volunteers to teach 4,000 students in 15 migrant schools and community centres in Shanghai. They also regularly take groups of volunteers to teach English to children in rural schools outside of Shanghai and run other charitable projects including the provision of eye care.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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