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Web Developer Intern

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

The intern will work in the company's project related to Web Development.


- C++
- PHP5
- Familiarity in Apache, MySQL, and data-base
- Experience with AJAX, JavaScript and loads of plug-in libraries such as
jQuery, Prototype, etc
- Strong teamwork skills, flexibility and capable to handle multiple tasks
- Strong dynamic content development methodology
- Social Media platform experience
- Test Driven characters
- BA in Computer Science or equivalent

Nice to Have:
- Iphone / iPad experience
- API & scalability experience
- Interested in new technology, like AR, QTVR, PV3D (is a plus)
- Loves to learn new prototyping technologies, help front-end to merge

Additional Information

- This is a very creative and dynamic team
- The intern will really have the chance to contribute to the company's projects.

Company Description

This is a boutique creative agency based in Beijing, operating in China and all over the world. They’ve been creating and producing for clients for the best part of a decade. In a developing market like China that makes them youthful veterans.
The company is proud to possess the finest local and international talent that is creative to the core. They actively avoid setting boundaries for our team’s roles and encourage all to contribute according to their creative instincts.
That means every creative concept is the product of a global team and a myriad of individual talent. Their clients get the most innovative and multidimensional concepts, expressed through video, audio, interactive and web, photo, graphic design and events


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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