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Software development intern

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

The Software development intern would be working within the 'Air visual team'.
-前段开发(Node.js, HTML, CSS)
Front-end development (Node.js, HTML, CSS)
- Web 服务和 Web API 设计
Web services and Web API design
- GIS 相关和基于在线地图应用
GIS related or online map based application
-集成至 NoSQL 数据库
Integration to NoSQL database
Mobility/Mobile Payment/Smarthome/IoT integration
-UI/UX 设计
UI/UX design
WeChat integration development


-Node.js 或 Meteor.js 专家
Expert in Node.js or Meteor.js
-MongoDB 或其他 NoSQL 数据库专家
Expert in MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
-熟悉 API 开发和 RESTful API 设计
Familiar with API development and RESTful API design
-能开发基于 HTML/CSS 漂亮的界面
Able to implement beautiful HTML/CSS based interfaces
-有 AWS 和其他云主机系统
Experience with AWS or other cloud hosting systems
Experience in Wechat integration
AI/machine learning experience is a plus
Fluent in English
Full time or Intern

Additional Information

Working hours: usually 9:00-18:00, 1 hour lunch break
No dresscode, casual business is ok
150-200 employees
Interns work closely with other teams (they won't be only on their intern 'island')
very clean office & easily accessible, subway is next to it (Liangmaqiao)
Winter periods is high season, so they would prefer more interns then.
Employees are foreigners & Chinese, majority CHinese. Main foreign nationalities are French, German and SIngapore/Malaysia.

Company Description

This is an international, Swiss-based industry leader in the field of high-efficiency air purification that has been providing clean air solutions since 1963 which are highly effective and yet affordable. Their innovative strength stems from its own R&D and manufacturing. This, by today's standards rare approach, has led to products which set new standards in performance, style and quality.


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