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Social Media Intern

General Internship Information

  • Business Area: Marketing
  • Location: Beijing
  • Duration: 3 months - 6 months
  • Allowance: 0.00 CNY
  • Other benefits:
  • Reference: 1195

Daily Tasks

We are looking for a qualified social media growth manager to join TokenInsight’s International PR and Marketing team in Beijing. You will be responsible for giving TokenInsight a friendly and responsive voice on social and digital media platforms and also work to help create, improve and maintain content to achieve TokenInsight’s business goals.
• Give TokenInsight a friendly and responsive voice on social and digital media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and Telegram.
• Responsible for searching and engaging with KOLs.
• Create and send TokenInsight’s external daily and weekly reports and news updates.
• Regularly perform other roles within the international PR and marketing team, such as online ads, social media marketing, SEO, etc.


The ideal candidate is an experienced professional with demonstrable creative writing skills, a flair for social media and a love for technology. You should perform well under deadlines and be detail-oriented.
If you are also a cryptocurrency enthusiast or a cypherpunk, we would surely like to connect with you.
• Strong understanding of social media.
• Manage TokenInsight’s social media platforms, through our unique voice.
• Loves writing/blogging and social media.
• Develop and execute creative social media campaigns that excite customers.
• Excellent writing and summarization skills.
• Maintain social media reporting and analytics to stay competitive.
• Native fluency in English. Mandarin knowledge is a plus.
• Experience of working or living abroad, preferably in China.
• Preferred – Knowledge of cryptocurrencies or a cryptocurrency user/holder him/herself.

Additional Information

A bit far from Sanlitun, but nice in the centre of WUdaokou, near Qinghua University

Company Description

TokenInsight is dedicated towards providing accurate ratings, research, and analytics that contribute to more informed financial decisions and market transparency.
We are currently seeking responsible, hardworking, and ambitious interns to join our international team in Beijing. This role is perfect for those seeking a career in a business-related field in an international environment. If you consider yourself to be highly motivated, tenacious and adaptable to new ways of working then this is the right challenge for you.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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