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Marketing and Social Media Expert Intern

General Internship Information

  • Business Area: Consulting
  • Location: Beijing
  • Duration: 2 months - 6 months
  • Allowance: 0.00 CNY
  • Other benefits:
  • Reference: 1168

Daily Tasks

Intern Responsibilities:
• Marketing research: To collect the latest market information about the fashion industry all around the world. Extract analyse and findings into market intelligence report covering content of its operation rules, business models, promotion channels and market performance.
• Compose high quality editorial for social media postings, blogs and other agency writing projects;
• Design, or interact with designers, to execute graphics, web cards, infographics, quotes, and other visual elements for sharing on various social platforms


• Fashion lover, curiosity driven,eager to learn about new things. Understand the true consumer insights of the current young generations.
• Fluent in English
• Chinese knowledge is a plus
• Sensitive to trendy culture and hot social topics
• Familiarity with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and other popular social media.
• Familiarity with SM- analysing tool;
• Marketing/business educational background;

Additional Information

Small team + office, cosy atmosphere. Recent startup (founded 2017)

Company Description

We are an international business consultancy agency of creative people in Beijing. We are currently dealing with a fresh new fashion brand and we are looking for a talented young intern to deal with everyday marketing operations.


MARKETING: Advertisement/Social media/E-commerce/Events

BRANDING: VI/Logo/UI/Customer Experience

INNOVATION: Product design/Space design/Environmental design/Industrial Design


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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