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Localization test & QA

General Internship Information

  • Business Area: Engineering
  • Location: Beijing
  • Duration: 1 month - 6 months
  • Allowance: 5,000.00 CNY
  • Other benefits:
  • Reference: 157

Daily Tasks

- Graphic design of promotional posts, banners, b- Language testing of Nokia Mobile Phone.
- Layout testing.
- Functional Quality Assurance of Nokia Mobile Phone.
- Translation of mobile phone related materials.
- Language Quality control in testing.
- Language Schedule control in testing.
- Errors finding and reports writing of those errors.
- Verification of errors.
- Configuration of related settings and environment for testing.
rand posters and deccas
- Develop and maintain promotional materials
- Design and promote road shows
- Design company brochures, gift bags and CD-ROMs
- Be actively involved in other marketing positions


- Some background in design
- Strong sense of responsibility.
- Translation and proofreading experience preferred.
- Background in Telecommunications, Computer Engineering or Communications System Engineering preferred.
- Good command of your native language, especially writing and reading.
- Good command of English, writing, reading and conversational level.
- Internet user skills.
- Active mobile user skills.
- Knowledge of testing management and related tool preferred.
- PC and office user skills required.
- Mobile communication engineering related working experience would be a plus.

- Good Chinese level (intermediate to advanced) to ensure good communication with the Chinese employees of all departments but not essential
- Hardworking, eager to learn
- Strong imagination
- Preferably people from Belgium, Netherlands, USA or Germany

Additional Information

Native Speakers of the following languages: Hungarian, Latvian, Galician, Basque, Danish, French(from Canada), Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese(from Portugal), Spanish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian, Urdu, Farsi, Vietnamese, Serbian, Estonian.

Company Description

The Company is an IT service provider and one of the leading offshore software development companies in China. It was the first China software development outsourcer listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It ranked number one among Chinese-based offshore software development service providers for the North American and European markets.The Company offers expertise across a wide range of industries in the Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Retail & Distribution sectors. They deliver world-class services to global clients in research & development services, enterprise solutions, application development & maintenance, quality assurance & testing, globalization & localization, infrastructure outsourcing and BPO, helping the customers to maximize their ROI and providing them with the power to focus.


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