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Game Community Manager & QA Intern

General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

1. Coordinate all aspects of community management, including:
- Forum Management (Moderation, Moderator Team)
- Forum Presence (Posting, PMs)
- Facebook/MySpace/Twitter/etc Application Community Management (including FB Fans, where appropriate)
- Manage FAQ & support / technical & non-technical issue resolution
- Provision of community and user feedback weekly, or in a timely manner, where time critical
- Communication to users and testing groups

2. Manage QA testing, including regression testing, smoke test, alpha & beta testing

3. Assist both the development and marketing teams to develop core strategy based on players feedback for gameplay, new items and features

4. Proactively manage, service and grow a native community of millions

5. Create viral content for ad campaigns, events, and competitions that is warm, engaging and fun

6. Handle other duties as assigned


- Fluent or Native English speaker
- Experience in community management as a community manager or moderator
- Tech-savy, interested in interacting with developers and games QA
- Strong organization skills – ‘Get Things Done’ attitude
- Full of creative ideas for viral content
- An adaptable writing style that is engaging for gamers
- A strong knowledge of first person shooters with a background as a player
- A passion for the following: social media, blogging, gaming, and online entertainment.
- A quick and instinctive learner who can absorb training quickly.
- Contribute to a positive & fun work environment.
- Engineering or Computer Science background
- Interested in hiring opportunities

Additional Information

The position is only open to candidates who are willing to stay longer, as full time employees after the internship period.

Company Description

The company is leading the development of next-generation social games. Its first game is the first 3D multiplayer game on Facebook and was awarded at GDC 2010 as Best new Game on MySpace. 


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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